5 Must-Have Features of a Successful Online Selling Platform

Online selling platforms

Online selling platforms are fast evolving from mere online sales facilitators to holistic eCommerce solution providers. By showcasing their products/services on the right online selling platform, sellers can transcend geographical barriers and penetrate global markets. 

Here are 5 important features that sellers must check before registering with an eCommerce platform:

  1. Intuitive, User-Friendly, and Customizable Interface– The prerequisite for online selling platforms to be successful today is to have a seamless and hassle-free interface. This goes a long way in ensuring a short learning curve and easy onboarding for sellers. While adjudging the efficiency of online marketplaces, the following points are noteworthy:
  • Simple Navigation– Smooth navigation to easily find the required features without having to unnecessarily search.
  • Quick Setup– Listing on the platform should be easy for sellers so that they can start selling immediately. 
  • Responsiveness– While the mobile-friendliness of eCommerce stores has been emphasized repeatedly, the backend for sellers should also be responsively designed for easy access from any smart device.

2. High Global Reach with Relevant Organic Traffic

The best online selling platforms have millions of active buyers across hundreds of markets worldwide. Especially for Indian sellers, it is pivotal to be on an eCommerce platform that has ample resources for global expansion. Since the demand for Indian goods overseas is increasing, selling in a renowned global digital marketplace will drive massive profits. 

3. Diverse Payment Options

The higher the number of payment options, the greater the probability of completing a sale. Online selling platforms should provide the most popular as well as the latest payment modes. The former includes a wide range of debit card and credit card payments. The latter encompasses UPI payments, digital wallets, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) payments, and likewise. Sellers should refrain from joining online marketplaces with limited or insecure payment modes.

4. Robust Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of any business. This is even more so in the case of eCommerce as the customer doesn’t have physical access to the product during the sale. Hence, online marketplaces need to reinforce trustworthiness with the following customer support attributes:

  • 24/7 Support- As a seller, your storefront will be open for sale 24/7. This makes it imperative that customer support services also be available round-the-clock.
  • Multi-Channel Support- From live chat and email to voice calls and social media, the platform should enable customers to access support services through various channels. 

5. Latest Advertising and Promotional Tools

An online selling platform should provide the latest digital marketing resources and support to registered sellers. This will help them promote their products and reach a wider target audience. The following features are a must-have: 

  • Loyalty Program Integration- The eCommerce platform should provide an in-house loyalty program to entice repeat purchases. This will greatly assist sellers in gaining client loyalty. 
  • Promotions and Discounts- The platform should not cap prices and also allow sellers to alter prices as per their ongoing sales and offers. 
  • Targeted Advertising- Apart from organic reach, paid ads are crucial for accelerating sales. 
  • Data Analytics and Metrics- Sellers should be able to monitor their progress with the right tools and analytics. 


Online purchasing is gaining massive popularity and consumers are armed with immense knowledge as well as a wide range of purchase options. As a seller, you require the latest technology and resources to capture their attention and convince them to purchase from you.  

Thus, the aforementioned features are a must-have for a successful online selling platform that can holistically support your eCommerce business for roaring sales and profitability. 

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