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A Buyer’s Guide to Parquet Laminate Flooring

Parquet laminate flooring is the most preferred among other wooden flooring options owing to its durable and versatile characteristics. Unlike any wood floors, parquet laminate floors are less prone to stains & scratches and have high moisture resistance properties, making them suitable for almost all areas in the house. Despite heavy foot traffic or pressure, these floors continue to shine and add visual appeal to the installed space.

Initially, parquet flooring was a staple for homeowners who wanted to create a natural and cozy atmosphere in their houses. The traditional parquet floors are made of real wood that exhibits charm and is extremely comfortable underfoot. However, there are certain disadvantages to installing parquet floors such as high costs, maintenance, risks of discoloration, etc.

So, in an attempt to resolve these issues, manufacturers came up with laminate flooring in Glasgow that brings in a wide range of benefits for homeowners. Contrary to what most people believe, these laminate floors are not made of 100% plastic and have multiple layers that assure high durability, easy maintenance, and resistance to varied elements. While both these floors look similar, it is their technical properties that distinguish one from another.

Traditional Parquet vs Laminate Parquet

Most homeowners often get confused between traditional parquet floors and modern laminate floors. Since both have similar appeal and wood charm, one may find it difficult to distinguish between the two and end up buying none. Well, obviously. The cost and maintenance of real wood flooring often deter away people from installing wooden flooring in their houses.

However, with parquet laminate flooring, the need for heavy maintenance is reduced significantly. Since these laminate floors are made of multiple layers of fiberboard, a stable backing form, decorative wood paper, etc. are extremely easy to maintain and long-lasting. Also, the parquet laminates are available in different variants that offer improved sound insulation and scratch resistance.

Furthermore, the traditional parquet floors are made of 100% real wood and as a result, these floors are prone to moisture absorption and discoloration due to constant exposure to sunlight. On the other hand, the top layer of parquet laminate floors is made of decor paper impregnated with a resin layer that contributes largely to the floor’s durability.

Unlike the laminate floors sold during the 1990s, modern parquet laminates have distinct technical properties and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. These are a perfect pick for those who want the appeal of wood floors but don’t want the high costs and maintenance hassle that comes along.

Things to look for while buying parquet laminate flooring

Parquet laminate flooring is a great choice for adding warmth and style to a house while paying much less than the cost of real wood flooring. The laminate floors have come a long way with upgrades in the manufacturing process that have made them one of the most stylish and durable flooring options in the market.

The modern parquet laminate floors can literally imitate any design, pattern, or texture while offering added benefits such as sturdiness, water & stain resistance, longevity, etc. However, while shopping for laminate flooring in Glasgow, it is important to consider a few things other than design and appeal.

If you are planning to install parquet laminate flooring, the following discussed are the top factors to consider before buying.

  • Thickness: Since the parquet laminate floors have a fiberboard layer, one must ensure the board is thick. Thicker laminate boards are more durable and will not wear away quickly.
  • Traffic: Always consider the foot traffic in the space before picking the ideal parquet laminate floors. Areas with high footfall are more likely to get stains and wear. As a result, the floors should be dark in color as they will show less dirt and scratches.
  • Budget: Budget plays a major role in buying parquet floors as the price varies significantly. The parquet floors are available in a wide range of quality and each is priced accordingly. Hence, always consider your budget and choose the best options available in the range.
  • Warranty: Any credible dealer or manufacturer will offer a certain warranty on their products that justify their quality and worth. Typically, these warranties cover staining, fading, and other similar defects. So, no matter how low priced a laminate flooring is, if it comes with no warranty, you must look for other options.

Final Note

Parquet laminate flooring is an excellent and affordable choice for homeowners willing to upgrade their home interiors. Available in various styles and patterns, these parquet laminates are extremely durable and long-lasting. And not just that, investing in premium-quality parquet laminate floors add value to the house and elevates the aesthetic appeal of the space. So, now that you know the difference between traditional parquet and modern laminate parquet flooring, you can decide and purchase the best ones for your home improvement works.

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