Backbone Cabling Mistakes You Must Watch Out

Backbone Cabling Mistakes

Backbone cabling is the foundation of every network connection. It creates a link between the main supply and other devices. A lot goes into planning and designing the backbone cabling, and a little mistake in it can hinder the functioning of the devices. Backbone cabling develops a separate link with all the connected devices, so there is a dire need to plan for scalability too.

Backbone cabling also has a higher potential for mistakes and poorly designed networks. It is more common when the person establishing the network holds no technical expertise. So, you must never trust amateurs or attempt it on your own to avoid mistakes.

Keep scrolling down into the details of this article to learn and explore backbone cabling mistakes you must watch out for and stick to the essentials for perfect networks.

Top 6 Backbone Cabling Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Backbone cabling is an essential need and requirement of every type of setup. It requires proper planning and layout design to ensure a smooth and efficient network. However, some mistakes in backbone cabling hinder the functioning of the whole network. Learning about the mistakes and not repeating them can save you from wasting time and resources.

Here are the most common backbone cabling mistakes you must avoid at all costs unless you want to deal with loss.

1. Ignoring the Topology

Ignoring the topology is the first and foremost backbone cabling mistake you need to watch out for. Topology lays the foundation of the network and establishes the connection at various levels among different devices. There are numerous types of topologies, and you can pick one according to the need and requirements of your network. However, only star topology is suitable for backbone cabling. Choosing or preferring any other can lead to network failure. Many authorities hire structured cabling companies in Dubai to install backbone cabling and enjoy perfect connectivity.

2. Poor Assessment of Facility

Poor assessment of the facility is one of the leading backbone cabling mistakes you must watch out for. In backbone cabling, a separate connection is created from the main one for all the devices and essentials required for a network. Doing a proper assessment of the facility, exploring its requirements, and planning the layout accordingly is inevitable. Ignoring all these details will lead to a poor network which will need frequent maintenance. The mistake is quite common among amateurs, so make sure to onboard experts if you are not knowledgeable in the area.

3. Choosing Wrong Cables

Choosing the wrong cables is another common backbone cabling mistake you must ever make. All of the cables may appear the same to you if you are unaware of the technical details and differences. The right cable type makes a significant difference in the performance and quality of the network. On the contrary, using the wrong cables hinders performance and can lead to network failure. It can cause immense loss and put a halt to functioning as well. So, choose the right cables and consult the professionals if you must.

4. Neglecting Atmospheric Temperature

Neglecting atmospheric temperature is another grave backbone cabling mistake you need to watch out for. Setting up the cable layout and network connections in high atmospheric temperatures can damage the cables due to immense heat. On the contrary, low atmospheric pressure can lead to moisture and humidity, which are also not good. You must maintain the right temperature for the cables to not get damaged and function properly. Moreover, you can also invest in high-quality cables to ensure they resist adverse conditions in the worst-case scenario.

5. Parallel Electric Cable Installation

Parallel electric cable installation is the dumbest backbone cabling mistake you must avoid at all costs. Installing backbone cables parallel to the electric cables comes with a high risk of interference in data transmission. It can halt the signals, cause disruption, and may even lead to network failure. It can also result in a short circuit in the worst-case scenario, so ensure never to make this mistake. If you have limited space, you can opt for perpendicular installation instead of parallel, as it does not disrupt data transmission.

6. Network Testing Failure

Network testing failure is the last backbone cabling mistake you must watch out for. Most people activate the network as soon as they finish setting up the layout. There is a high risk of damaging the network and connected devices with such a hassled reaction. You must test the network after setting up the layout. Fix any potential issues you might notice and activate the network only after that. However, you must possess technical skills to handle it efficiently. Contact structured cabling companies in Dubai to set up the network if you lack technical expertise.

Do you need help with backbone cabling?

Do not try laying the cable network if you are concerned about committing backbone cabling mistakes. Contact and get professional installation experts on board to reap the long-term benefits of perfect network connections.

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