Best Travel Cases To Keep Your Lost Mary

Best Travel Cases To Keep Your Lost Mary

Lost Mary disposable vape is a go for people who love to travel. It is a pre-filled device that gives you a hassle-free vaping experience wherever you go. However, if you enjoy the Lost Mary 3500 disposable vape and enjoy travelling, having a secure and protective case is essential to keep your vaping kit safe during your trips. 

Here are some of the best travel cases to keep your Lost Mary disposable vape in safe and sound condition:

Pelican 1060 Micro Case:

The Pelican 1060 Micro Case is a rugged, crush-proof case perfect for securing your vaping kit during travel. This travel case is waterproof, dust-proof, and can withstand extreme temperatures. The case has a rubber liner and a pressure equalisation to secure your vape. This case comes in various colours and has a lifetime warranty. It also gives you a stylish appearance while holding your Lost Mary BM3500, in this case. 

Vape And Accessory Carrying Case:

This carrying case is designed for vapes and accessories, making it a perfect choice for Lost Mary disposable vape users. The case has a hard shell exterior with a soft, padded interior to protect your device from damage. In addition, this case comes with a secure zipper closure and a convenient carrying handle. The small and lightweight case makes it easy to pack and carry your vaping kit on your travels. 

Smell Proof Vape Case:

If you are concerned about smells or want to keep your Lost Mary 3500 rechargeable disposable vape discreet, a smell-proof case is an excellent choice. This case has a carbon lining that captures the smell and prevents it from escaping. It’s also come with waterproof and shockproof features, providing extra protection for your device. The case also has padded inserts and a secure zipper closure, ensuring disposable vape security. Its availability in various colours and sizes make it a centre of attention among vapers. 

Hard Case For Vape Cartridges:

This hard case is designed to hold vape cartridges, but it’s also a great option to keep the Lost Mary 3500 disposable vape when travelling. This durable travelling vape case has a soft foam interior, protecting your device from scratches and impact. Rechargeable Lost Mary is a small and compact case, making it easy to pack in a suitcase or backpack. This case also has a carabiner clip to attach to your bag or belt for easy access. 

Vaultz Locking Vape Case:

If you are concerned about the safety of your Lost Mary disposable vape during travelling, you need to keep it within a locking case. Vaultz locking vape cases is an excellent option in this regard. This case has a combination lock that will keep your device secure and child-resistant. It has a hard shell exterior and a soft padded interior, which protects your vape from damage. In addition, this small vape case is lightweight, making it convenient to carry in a suitcase or backpack. 

Vape Mod Carrying Bag:

Although this carrying case is intended for vape mods, Lost Mary disposable vapes work wonderfully. The bag’s interior is plush and cushioned, shielding your smartphone from dents and impacts. For accessories and e-juice, it also features several pockets and compartments. The bag has a handy carrying handle and a reliable zipper closure. It comes in many different sizes and hues.

Gator Cases Padded Nylon Carry Tote Bag:

If you want to carry Lost Mary rechargeable disposable vapes or other vaping devices when travelling, the Gator Cases Padded Nylon Carry Tote Bag is an excellent choice. The backpack contains a sizable main compartment with partitions that can be adjusted to fit various devices. Also, it includes several outside pockets for extras and e-juice. The bag is protected with a padded inner and tough nylon outside. For ease of carrying, it incorporates a shoulder strap as well.

Final Thoughts!

To sum up, protecting your Lost Mary disposable vaping kit during travelling is vital to ensure it stays in good condition and works appropriately afterwards. Whether you want a waterproof or a shockproof case, the above-listed travel cases work best for you. You can also find several other options on Amazon, so choose the one that suits your needs. Consider the size and features of each case before purchasing to find the best choice for your travel needs. 

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