Dad and Buried: An In-Depth Review of the Anti Parent Parenting Blog

Dad and Buried is a popular parenting blog that began over a decade ago. The blog was initially written by the site’s founder, Mike Reynolds, and has since been written by various guest authors. Dad and Buried is different from other parenting blogs because it focuses on providing honest and non-judgmental advice to parents who feel overwhelmed and need a place to just be honest about their parenting. With its humorous writing style and its willingness to tackle topics that other parenting blogs wouldn’t, Dad and Buried is a beloved resource for parents all over the world.

Overview of Dad and Buried and its Content

The content on Dad and Buried is varied and far-reaching. It covers everything from the challenges of modern parenting to the occasional random musing. Reynolds writes about his own experiences as a father and conveys his perspective in a candid, relatable, and sometimes humorous way. According to Reynolds, the blog serves as a place for parents to come for insight and advice without feeling judged for their choices.

Discussion of Dad and Buried’s Coverage of Issues in Modern Parenting

Dad and Buried is an invaluable resource for parents who are looking for insight and advice on modern parenting issues. Reynolds offers his perspective on a range of topics, from divorce and co-parenting to how to deal with your teenage children to how to find balance in your life as a busy parent. No matter what you are going through as a parent, you’re sure to find a post on Dad and Buried that resonates with you.

Reviews of Different Posts from Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried is home to some of the best writing on parenting on the web today. One of the most popular posts is “10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Parent”, which offers an honest account of the struggles and surprises of parenting. Other standout posts include “How to Cope with Co-Parenting”, “Mental Health and Parenting: What You Need To Know”, and “The Pros and Cons of Being a Working Parent”.

Analysis of How Dad and Buried’s Perspective on Parenting Issues Differs from Other Parenting Blogs

There are lots of parenting blogs out there these days, but Dad and Buried stands out due to its honest and frank perspective on parenting. Reynolds never shies away from difficult topics, and he is willing to tackle issues that other parenting blogs tend to ignore or sidestep. He also has a way of making light of serious topics, which can be a refreshing change of pace in a world that often takes a negative or judgemental stance towards parenting.

Evaluation of Dad and Buried’s Unique Approach to Parenting Advice

One of the best things about Dad and Buried is the thoughtful and unique approach that it takes to parenting advice. Reynolds writes his posts in a way that is both heartfelt and lighthearted, which makes it easy for readers to relate to his experience as a parent. He also encourages open dialogue in the comments, which allows for a community discussion about the issues being discussed. Reynolds’ approach to parenting advice is one of understanding and support, which is something that is often lacking in other parenting blogs.

Pros and Cons of Dad and Buried’s Blog

The pros of Dad and Buried are that it provides a candid, honest perspective on parenting, it tackles topics that other parenting blogs avoid, and it openly encourages discussion in the comments. The cons are that some of the topics discussed can be difficult for readers to relate to, and that not all readers will agree with Reynolds’ perspective.

Common Themes Expressed in Dad and Buried

The common themes expressed in Dad and Buried are honesty, openness, understanding, and acceptance. Reynolds often speaks from his own experience and encourages his readers to share theirs, which allows for a sense of understanding and solidarity among the blog’s readers.

Dad and Buried’s Appeal to Readers with a Busy Lifestyle

The main appeal of Dad and Buried is that it offers a safe, judgment-free space for busy parents to talk and share their experiences. Reynolds’ writing is candid and often humorous, which makes his posts easy and enjoyable to read. The short format of the blog posts also makes it appealing to readers with busy lifestyles, as they can easily read a post or two in a short amount of time.


In conclusion, Dad and Buried is an invaluable resource for busy parents looking for honest, humorous, and judgement-free advice on parenting. It covers a wide range of topics, from the difficulties of modern parenting to more lighthearted musings about day-to-day life. Its unique approach to parenting advice makes it stand out from other websites, and its emphasis on understanding, acceptance and support makes it a beloved resource for parents all over the world.

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