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dentist in Abu Dhabi

You may trust that the clinic satisfies strict hospital quality standards because Dental Healthpoint’s dentist in Abu Dhabi is one of the biggest in the UAE and is one of just a handful based within a prestigious hospital. Modern technology is used by our dental clinic to offer both adults and children a variety of specialty dental procedures that guarantee our patients’ utmost dental health.

Our dentists are experts in cosmetic, restorative, orthodontic, family, and oral surgery in the UAE. With the help of an on-site modern dental laboratory, we can quickly put cutting-edge procedures into practice.

With regard to all facets of your dental health, from malocclusions and severe gum disease to missing teeth and missing teeth, we provide the highest caliber preventative and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our specialists, who have access to a range of treatment alternatives, collaborate with you to choose a course of action that suits your way of life and line of work. We are also dedicated to encouraging proper dental hygiene in children from an early age and will support parents in ensuring this.

Specialties of the First Visit Team

Whether it’s regular dentistry or a highly specialized procedure like gum surgery, Healthpoint’s Dental Clinic offers a wide variety of multispecialty services. This part also serves as a guide to help you with the essentials of maintaining strong teeth and gums. You may read more about the treatments we provide and the typical dental issues.

we can handle in the sections below:

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Periodontal treatments

Endodontology (Root Canal Specialty)

Oral Surgery

Pediatric Dentistry


Healthpoint’s Dental Clinic offers conventional dentistry services, such as a normal filling or general checkup, in addition to more specialized procedures. You can count on a prominent dentist in the world to provide the best care possible, no matter what you require. In our office, we place a strong emphasis on the value of dental hygiene in preserving the long-term health of your gums and teeth, and we will work with you to achieve this goal.

general examinations

X-rays and exams

Digital dentistry and dental CT scanning Planning


Dental braces

Inlays-onlays (tooth restoration)

teaching adults and children about oral hygiene

Complete and partial dentures

root canal procedure

complete rehabilitation for bites

What to anticipate during your initial visit?

first examination

You will receive the best possible patient care starting with your very first visit. Our top-notch dentists will conduct a full and in-depth evaluation of your oral health with the aid of the newest tools and technology, allowing us to recommend the most suitable treatments for you. You may be confident that we have your best interests in mind since we will only suggest treatments that we firmly believe are essential.

Emergency Dental Care

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing an emergency dental procedure, we will work to solve the issue right away. We will make sure you get the best care possible whether you are a current patient or a new one. If you have a favorite dentist’s office, we will give you all the details on any scans, x-rays, and clinical notes so you can take them there.

dental team group

Whether a patient is a kid, adolescent, or adult, our skilled dentists and hygienists are committed to helping them all achieve excellent oral health and a stunning smile.

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