Dream IRL – How to Achieve Your Dream in Real Life

The YouTuber who went by the name Dream’ IRL started his YouTube series in 2013. The video game enthusiast hid his face while he played the game, resulting in mixed reactions when his real identity was finally revealed. While some fans felt his reveal was cheap and cheesy, many others loved the epic reveal. There are many ways to achieve this Dream in the real world. This guide will give you some ideas for doing just that.

Austin Lewis Holiday

YouTube personality Austin Lewis Holiday, also known as Dream IRL, is the man behind the videos that have become so popular on the site. His videos feature celebrities playing Minecraft, which must be viewed on full screen. He does not have a website or a major sponsor, but he has gained a massive fanbase. His work on video games isn’t limited to Minecraft, either. His controversies aren’t limited to YouTube, however.

Austin Lewis Holiday is the actual name of the YouTube personality who goes by the name “Dream” online but prefers to use his birth name. He is best known for his YouTube commentary videos, but he also plays League of Legends and Overwatch. His controversies based on the videos have led to a large following for the YouTube personality. While his real name is Austin Lewis Holiday, his eponymous username is Dream.


Felix “PewDiePie” Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish YouTuber known for playing the video game “Minecraft” to massive audiences. The popular YouTuber recently ended his collaboration with Jackseptice after the relationship with Disney collapsed. Since then, Dream has enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame. His first upload garnered 200,000 views in two days. Within two weeks, his videos have racked up over two million views. His YouTube channel has 57 million subscribers.

The popular YouTuber started a video series, Dream’ IRL, and hid his identity behind the mask. In 2014, he became one of the world’s most popular Minecraft domains, with over 600,000 subscribers. The Dream also plays other games on a secondary medium, such as chess. Despite the popularity of his channel, Dream did not have big sponsors. He was born in Boston but now lives in Los Angeles.


Technblade was born and raised in California, USA. She has four siblings – a younger sister, two older sisters, and a brother named Chris. She also owns a dog named Floof. Before moving to Chicago to attend college, she attended elementary, middle, and high school in California. After graduating from college, she returned to San Francisco to live with her father. The first three episodes of the series were aired on Cartoon Network.

Technoblade’s diagnosis was announced in a video released last August. The video has now been viewed over 54 million times and describes the diagnosis as cancer. Technoblade thought the pain he was feeling in his right arm was a result of over-gaming. However, he went to the hospital when his arm hurt and was diagnosed with sarcoma, a bone cancer that starts in connective tissue. As a result, he has achieved wealth, power, and skills.

Technoblade’s Technoblade

After the first movie’s events, Technoblade owes a favor to Dream, who escaped from prison in the forest and now wants to repay that favor before his rival uses it for sinister purposes. But Dream is hiding something from Technoblade that could be explosive if he finds out. In this piece, we’ll discover the secret behind Dream’s death and learn if his invitation to the Syndicate was hasty.

In addition to being an avid Minecraft streamer, Tubbo is also a fan of Technoblade’s Dream SMP. Fans enjoyed this friendship between the two Minecraft players, as they were often at odds over emerald stacks. The two became good friends and regularly interacted via social media, including Reddit. Fans have dedicated entire threads to their relationship in-game. They’re not the only ones affected by Technoblade’s death.

PewDiePie’s YouTube partnership with Jacksepticeye

A Swedish YouTuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, is best known online as PewDiePie. The two are close friends and often appear together in video games. The two also do several videos together, and Felix holds the Guinness World Record for the most YouTube subscribers. His channel currently boasts 80 million subscribers. This partnership is a testament to the two YouTubers’ popularity and their mutual love of video games.

Despite his massive success, Jacksepticeye has ventured beyond YouTube in various fields. He has since founded the CLOAK clothing brand and launched a line of coffee called Top of the Morningnin’ Coffee. Additionally, the YouTuber is a generous philanthropist, donating a portion of his revenue to charities. To date, he has raised millions of dollars for charity. He is currently dating Evelien “Gab” Smolders, an equally popular YouTuber and video game streamer.

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