Five weight loss tips from people who have actually done it

weight loss

It’s not easy to loss weight. Ask someone who has done it.

This is exactly what TIME did with a cover story that looked at the new science of weight loss. It became apparent after speaking with people who have successfully lost weight (after many failed attempts) that there is no one best way to do it. Scientific as well as anecdotal evidence shows that anyone can reach a healthy body weight by using a strategy they find most effective.

Weight Loss Guide

 src=”https://api.time.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/time-health-stock-weight-loss-2.jpg?quality=85&w=600&h=600&crop=1&zoom=2 ” title=”time-health-stock-weight-loss”/> 9 Myths about Weight Loss

Five people who have lost weight and maintained it share their secrets.

Slow down and steady yourself.

“I’ve been overweight my entire life. I tried different diets and lost a few pounds, only to gain them back. By the time I was 25, I weighed 485 pounds. I knew that I was fighting for my life. I would like to have children one day, and be more active in my marriage and wanted to get off the sidelines and start living my life. In the beginning of 2016, i started to track my calories, work out and make healthier versions of foods i loved. I eventually fell in love Iaking care of myself. I would adviseout,u tolove withcentrate on the day at hand, aId not how far away it is. “Weight loss is not a sprint, but a journey.”

Keep a journal.

Don’t write down every meal you have. Write down your feelings, what’s going on in life, and the way you feel after you eat. Look for patterns in your journal after a few months. You’re likely to find patterns. It was liberating to realize what triggers my food addiction. My brain was reacting negatively to certain habits, which made my willpower work harder. “Once I got rid of those habits, like keeping cookies in the house, my willpower could finally work.”

Erika Nikki Kendall lost 170 pounds. Over two years

Take a break.

You don’t need to eat a lot of salad to lose weight. You can make pancakes, for example, more appealing by modifying the ingredients. Try almond flour. The type of food that you eat can also define your lifestyle. If you eat junk food and want to lose weight, then it is possible. But you will be constantly hungry. Give yourself a cheat day every now and then as a reward for sticking with your plan. You want to lose weight without feeling as if you are hurting yourself.

Nivedith Renga, aged 26, lost 65 lbs. in nine months.

Find something that sticks.

“When I graduated from college in 2012, my weight was the highest it had ever been. I was ashamed of my weight and how I looked, and I was afraid to be the person at the gym who didn’t know what they were doing. In my doctor’s waiting room, I decided to do what it takes to change my lifestyle. I tried many different diets, but it was difficult to give up certain foods. I also felt that I was losing my mind. It is meant to be a source of joy and happiness.

I decided to try “macro-counting.” This is similar to calorie counting, except that you don’t count calories but instead keep track of how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat you consume each day. This was the most significant change I saw in my overall health. I didn’t feel like I was starving or depriving my body to lose weight. Find something you can stick with. What works for someone else may not work well for you. “Whatever you choose, it must be for life.”

Kelly Rojek27 lost 50 lbs. In 18 months.

Manage expectations

I found that slow and steady adjustments worked best for me. To become more aware of portion sizes, I weighed and measured food. I jotted down everything I ate, and I ate smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. To control my hunger, I include protein at every meal. I no longer deprive myself and have gotten rid of the ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality. I could still be considered overweight by people who look at me. You’re not going to be a model with a willowy figure, but you have to accept that.

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