Guide on Bridal artificial jewellery: Polki, Kundan, Meena & Jadau

Guide on Bridal artificial jewellery: Polki, Kundan, Meena & Jadau

We have outlined the main categories of Indian artificial jewellery styles and their pricing ranges for you.

1. Kundan artificial jewellery set

Kundan set for marriage is very detailed, with countless layers of precious metals, stones, and joint work. These objects have enameled undersides. The precious and semi-precious polished gemstones that are put in layers upon layers of designs are what make Kundan artificial jewellery distinctive. Although the term “Kundan” refers to highly refined pure gold, artificial Kundan jewelry is also available today and has a similar appearance to genuine Kundan jewelry but is not made of gold.

2. Jadau artificial jewellery

Make sure that your attire and theme go with the jadau artificial jewellery because it has a really regal appearance. Make sure the pieces you choose are timeless pieces that you may wear forever, like earrings or kadas, as they are not intended for daily wear. Contrary to popular belief, jadau is neither a type of gemstone nor jewelry but rather a classic process for creating kundan or polki. Hence, Jadau is a technique used to create Kundan/Polki ethnic jewellery set although Kundan and Polki are both gemstones. The process employed by craftspeople who create this form of jewelry is called “jad,” which means to be inserted. Because they complement the rough-edged nature of Jadau, polki stones are frequently used in traditional Jadau jewellery.

3. Meenakari artificial jewellery

Meenakari is an elaborate art form that involves melting vivid colors over metal surfaces to color and embellishes them. Meenakari is the term for the colored enamel you see when there is a lot of color on an ethnic necklace set. The location of this is also in the back of your polki set. Meenakari has been incorporated into traditional Rajasthani Kundan jewellery over the years. 

If you’re looking for inexpensive solutions, artificial jewellery these days also offer meenakari work options, making it incredibly affordable.

4. South indian jewellery in temple art

Extremely distinctive! In south Indian tradition, temple artificial jewellery is used to embellish the statues of Gods and Goddesses. They are often constructed of plain gold but can also be bulky and heavy and encrusted with diamonds. South Indian culture typically has an influence on the designs of temple jewelry. They took their cues from statuettes of regal people, animals, floral patterns, and deity statues. Temple jewelry has a vintage appeal due to its extensive cultural history. Due to its pure gold design and size, it is highly pricey.

South indian necklace set is really different from polki or jadau. Also, it differs from temple jewellery in that it is more yellow than typical gold jewellery.

Which is the best artificial jewellery set and how it is different from other jewelry?

Kundan jewellery is a form of traditional Indian jewellery that is made by setting stones, typically semi-precious or glass, into the gold foil. This process is known as “Kundan” or “kunda” work. The technique involves creating a hollow frame using gold or silver, and then filling it with lac, which is a resinous substance, and placing the stones on it. The lac helps to hold the stones in place and provides a kind of cushion to protect them.

In comparison to other jewelry, Kundan sets are less expensive and are not made from precious metals. 

Kundan dulhan jewellery set is made with inexpensive metals such as zinc and is layered with gold to get a gold-like polish. Most of the stones used in Kundan sets are semi-precious and are available at affordable prices. However, Kundan artificial jewellery often features intricate designs and vibrant colors, making it an excellent choice for casual and formal occasions.

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In outline, Kundan jewelry is different from other jewelry because it is a specific traditional Indian jewelry style with a unique technique of stone setting and an emphasis on intricate designs and colors. Additionally, Kundan sets are typically less expensive than other jewellery and can be a good choice for affordable, yet stylish accessories.

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