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The brand sells a ton of other products, but it’s likely you’ll be looking for a hat or hoodie. There are plenty of both options to choose from, including sweatshirts that resemble rabbit ears and beanies with swirly fur motifs. The company also makes commedesgarcons some  cool backpacks and belt buckles that are worth checking out if you like what you see. Some products have a vintage feel, while others are more modern; there are plenty of options no matter what your tastes may be. How do you style specific trends

A Brief History of Bad Bunny Merch

Bad Bunny merch has become an integral part of the reggaetón star’s career since he began his meteoric rise to fame with the release of Si Tu La Vets in 2017. From T-shirts to hoodies, there are countless pieces of Bad Bunny merch available. How do you style specific trends But how did Bad Bunny hoodies come to be? And what other products have graced his ever-growing fan base? Let’s take a look at the brief history of Bad Bunny merch, from shirts to hats and beyond.

How Bad Bunny’s merchandise became so popular

The massive success of Bad Bunny merchandise didn’t happen overnight. Over time, Bad Bunny’s music has become synonymous with a number of different trends and with that popularity came a demand for products to go along with it. zillakamimerch That demand has led to multiple collaboration opportunities, giving Bad Bunny plenty of merch to sell. With all that in mind, we’ve found that there are three main reasons why people love Bad Bunny merch so much: his lyrics, fans and collaborators. We’ll explore them all below.

The rise of Bad Bunny shirts

Bad Bunny shirts were actually made popular in a way that somewhat resembles how he got his stage name. While working with producer Me near, Bad Bunny would often arrive late and bring food from Taco Bell or McDonald’s. As a joke, Me near began calling him Bad every time he arrived at their sessions with food and it eventually became his stage name. In 2017, Bed’s collaboration with DJ Nelson Tu No Vivi Asi was an international success — so much so that people began buying t-shirts teriwall featuring lyrics from the song. From there, it seemed like there was a new Bad Bunny merch meme every day.

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