How Long does a Rapid PCR Test Take?

pcr test at home in Dubai

Summer is around the corner, so we’ll all spend our free time partying with our friends and neighbors. But remember that along with enjoying parties, there is a high risk of virus transmission because we are interacting closely with our friends. And the most common virus that we get in such gatherings is COVID’19.

We all know wearing a mask, sanitizing hands, and getting tested are the best ways to protect ourselves from COVID. However, selecting the type of Covid’19 test at home in Dubai is crucial because every test has merit and demerits. But you can use a Rapid PCR test by Call Doctor over other options. You might now be wondering why this rapid PCR test why not the others. To find the answer to your query, read the following section of the blog.

Difference between Rapid PCR Test and Regular PCR Test!

The Rapid PCR Test:

This test is perfect for those who need results within hours. In this test, the genetic material of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is detected with the help of a nasal swab. Moreover, this rapid test can be done at home and in the doctor’s clinic. If you are traveling and want to save money, go for this rapid PCR test at home in Dubai.

The PCR Tests:

This test takes a little longer to give results, like 3-5 business days, and is also very inexpensive. The sample collection process for testing here is the same as for the rapid PCR test at home in Dubai. Furthermore, according to research, this particular test is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing as the results are nearly 100% curated.

Signs you should get a Rapid PCR test at home? 

When covid’19 enters the world, people become so scared that they start believing that every cough is a sign of the coronavirus. That is why too much research has been done on COVID-19 since 2019 so that people come to know when to get tested. Let’s explore those signs which are the result of the research:  

  • A person is experiencing some symptoms of COVID-19, like flu, fever, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and body aches. 
  • Extreme symptoms of COVID-19 appear, even after vaccination.
  • Close interaction with a person who has tested positive.
  • Recently departed from several cities. 
  • If a person has been in a crowded or public setting where social distancing was impossible.

Benefits of Rapid PCR testing in Dubai?

The rapid polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that detects the presence of genetic material from a virus has numerous benefits. Let’s look into these: 


Rapid PCR testing in Dubai provides results within a short period. This enables quick and effective testing and can aid in discovering outbreaks.


PCR test results are very exact because they detect tiny amounts of genetic material from the virus or bacteria.


Rapid PCR tests can be done anywhere, like at a doctor’s office, clinic, or even at home with a self-administered kit.

Early detection:

Rapid PCR tests at home have the ability to recognize the presence of the virus or bacteria in the initial stages of infection, which can help stop the disease from spreading to other people.

Reduced need for quarantine:

Rapid PCR tests can help identify asymptomatic carriers of the virus or bacteria, minimizing the need for widespread quarantine measures.

Thus overall, Rapid PCR tests provide several advantages that make them an important tool for managing and diagnosing infectious diseases.

How much time Rapid PCR test take to detect SARS-COV-2?

The rapid PCR testing in Dubai detects SARS-CoV-2 in only 35-45 minutes. This is the most reliable and preferable test for domestic and international travel.

Take a quick test

Wise is the one who takes the right action immediately. So, if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, and are planning to travel, and don’t have much time, then get your rapid PCR test done right now from any clinic. Call Doctor is the best place for readers from Dubai to get home pcr test Dubai . Call Doctor is a medical company that offers covid test home service Dubai at your doorstep. Moreover, the best thing about them is that they provide all forms of covid 19 tests at home in Dubai hygienically and effectively.

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