How to Effectively Use a Lazy Susan in Every Room of Your Home

small lazy susan

The spinning tray is a household organizing workhorse. See our advice on how to use them as well as the ideal lazy susans for every job.

The small lazy susan is anything but lazy, despite its name. It’s the ideal storage workhorse because it makes it simple to see everything that is in a cabinet or on a shelf, ensuring that nothing is lost in the shadowy crevices. However, a lazy susan is capable of much more than just helping you remember that you already have sesame oil.

Check out all the applications for this tool in your daily life and in your cabinets.

What Is a Lazy Susan?

A lazy susan is a circular tray that rotates on a pair of bearings so you can easily spin it and access whatever is on the tray from any position. The idea has been around for centuries, and it was first used to serve food at a meal. The dishes or condiments were set out on a tray in the middle of the table, and guests could spin it to get what they wanted. It also enhances kitchen décor ideas.

But nowadays, lazy susans are used more frequently to maximize every square inch of the shelf, pantry, and cabinet space. Without having to remove everything else from the cabinet to get to that spice jar or bottle of hair serum, it is much simpler to grab it. You can reach items in the back of some cabinets—especially corner cabinets—by using the built-in lazy susans on some of them.

Lazy Susans: Uses Around the House

Once you use one, chances are you’ll find a variety of uses for it (or five!) after that. Here is the ideal lazy susan for any job. Put small jars of spices and other items away in the pantry or kitchen cabinets.

Tiny jars of seasonings, sauces, sprinkles, and extracts can quickly pile up in your pantry or cabinet and become an unmanageable mess. This small-tiered lazy susan is ideal for organizing the chaos and making it simple to locate those sporadic spices, like marjoram, when you need them.

This transparent, double-tiered model is small enough to fit in your cabinet and has a lip to prevent your spices from spilling.

Make Crafting Or Decorating Cakes Simpler

A lazy susan can make it incredibly simple to get your frosting perfect on every edge of the cake, as anyone who has watched even one YouTube cake decorating video will attest to.

It can also be used for any other cooking or crafting projects that call for being able to turn your work easily, like making a gingerbread house or painting a small object.

Use a rotating cake stand to embellish and show off your creations. The stand raises your cake so you can see what you’re doing more clearly, and the sleek aluminum material is stain- and odor-resistant (for those times the food coloring goes a little awry).

Make Entertainment Simple

What could a lazy susan be used for other than serving your guests? Whether you use it for regular meals or for a special occasion like Thanksgiving, a large lazy susan in the middle of the table can speed up serving. (For a larger gathering, you might even need two lazy susans so that no one has to pass the mashed potato bowl.)

Additionally, placing everything on a lazy Susan makes it simple for your guests to access each item on a charcuterie or other dessert board that you have set up for them to nibble on.

These small lazy susans are attractive enough to put on display and come in a variety of sizes so you can choose how much clutter you’ll allow.

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