How to Make Moon Water and Know about Moonwater Uses

Many people pay no at all to the moon. Some live their lives according to the phases.

Many religious traditions have given special significance to the moon throughout the ages, claiming that its different cycles influence our moods and physical health.

The moon’s rituals to harness its energy have been practised since the beginning. One of them is the collection of moon water.

It is believed that the water’s charge is moon energy. It could be utilized to purify negative feelings or assist with spiritual growth.

Does moon water enrich your life? Find out the specifics.

What’s moon water?

It’s not in the grocery store. Moon water is made at home during a selected moon phase.

It’s generally collected around the full moon when lunar energy is believed to be at its peak. Then, it’s sipped, sprayed to the skin, or sprinkled around the house.

“Usually people are charged with water when there is the full moon, a new moon, or some other important lunar event; however, moonwater can be made any time of the month.” Crystal counsellor and spiritual wellness trainer Emma Halley.

Halley thinks that water may hold energy, but there is no scientific evidence to prove this.

“Water is a highly programmeable material, meaning it is able to take on the energy properties of the objects around it quickly,” she says. “Since we’re 60 percent of water, the moon’s water can assist us in integrating into, connect to, and bring about the goals we have through the water.”

Although the research isn’t perfect, there’s no harm in having a go at moon water.

Science behind Moon

While research into the benefits of moon water is lacking, numerous studies explore how the moon impacts our emotional and physical well-being.

A study from 2014 found that the moon’s fullness was linked with less sleep efficiency or the percentage of time in bed asleep.

A small study from 2012 conducted with males revealed gravity pull of the moon could alter the cardiovascular functions in the body of a person, making it more energetic when the moon is full or new.

A small study from 2017 revealed that those suffering from depression with bipolar were affected by moon cycles. A more extensive 2017 study showed that 81 % of doctors and mental health specialists gave anecdotal evidence that suggests a link between full moons and illness.

Although the scientific evidence is ambiguous and unsure, Moons still feature prominently in many religions and religious practices.

What does moon water serve?

Many believe it can harness the moon’s power to encourage cleansing, renewal and goal-setting.

“Generally moonwater can be used to boost the intentions of people,” explains Halley. “For instance this moon cycle is the time to bring forth and attract potential opportunities and goals… It is possible to could then utilize that water in many ways to increase the effectiveness of your manifestations.”

Moon water is used to:

  • Rituals of the spirit
  • Healing rituals
  • manifestation
  • Your beauty routine


Lunar symbols are found in almost every religion all over the world. It is particularly prevalent in astrology.

“Spiritually the moon is an incredibly influential and powerful entity which guides us tremendously energetically in a sense,” says Halley. “Moon water can be a means of bringing this energy into our lives and carrying it along with us.”

Halley claims that a moon-water ritual will help you feel at “flow” with the universe.

“It helps spiritual practice in a variety of ways because it allows us to supercharge our life-giving water source by a source of energy moon that’s so powerful that it can pull and push water bodies,” the author says.


Moon water is a drink that has gained popularity as a health elixir over the past few years due to Victoria Beckham, who shared the glass on her Instagram account in the year 2019.

Before that, the moon’s power was believed to be especially beneficial to emotional and mental healing.

In many cultures, moons are believed to have feminine energy or yin that helps cultivate qualities such as acceptance, surrender, and peace.

However, no research-based evidence suggests the moon’s healing powers are available.


Moon water may aid in the manifestation process and assist in making your goals become a reality.

The moon is believed to amplify the potential of the intention and allows your goals to manifest more easily.

Halley claims that moon water is usually charged with the energy of the moon as well as an intention, such as:

  • “I let go of everything that is no longer serving me.”
  • “This water is a purifier for everything it comes into contact with.”
  • “May you heal me through the moon’s power.”

Some believe it will help improve visualization techniques, eliminate negative energy, and enhance optimism, although it is only anecdotal evidence.


Some, like Halley, think that moon-water can give skin a more radiant shine, remove impurities and increase the look of youthfulness.

“Moon water could be utilized in many ways to enhance your beauty routine,” Halley says.

DIY moon water toner for the moon


  • glass spray bottle
  • Ten drops of lavender essential oil
  • One tablespoon of carrier oil from your preference


The glass container should be filled with moon water, leaving half an inch of space at the top.

Mix lavender and carrier oil in the bowl.

Add the spray bottle to the dispenser.

Shake and then spray dry, clean skin.

Adding carrier oil and lavender essential oils to your bath is also possible. Halley believes that the moon will enhance the effects of essential oils.

Despite moonwater’s historical and spiritual significance, there’s no scientific evidence to prove its use as a healing or beauty treatment. However, there’s no harm in trying it out.

How do you gather moon water?

Moon water collection is a relatively simple procedure.

The first step is to find an empty glass bottle.

Fill it up with water, most likely spring water or distilled.

Make your plans.

Leave the bottle open for the night at the time of your moon’s phase you prefer.

Close the bottle and sip, spritz, or perform a ritual.

“Set your goals for the water either by writing them down and putting them in the jar or whispering them out to your water.” suggests Halley.

The time you decide to gather moon water depends on the goals you’re setting. Each moon phase is believed to be different in its energy.

The best time to collect moon water

Practitioners believe that the different phases during the moon cycle could create other effects on the energy field.

Full Moon

Ideal for: the release of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore and eliminating negative energy

“The full moon is considered to be as the most powerful because that’s when moonlight is highest and most powerful,” says Halley.

It’s the perfect moment to:

  • reap the rewards
  • Give thanks
  • Harvest plans
  • Let go of old baggage
  • clear energy

The new moon

Ideal for: setting intentions, reflection, and personal development

“The lunar new moon can be described as also known as the dark moon. It is a time to turn to the inside and make our intentions to begin new chapters, and to end cycle,” says Halley.

It’s the moment to:

  • Concentrate on intentions and manifestation
  • assist in shadow work
  • help you grow personally and develop your skills
  • Start new relationships, ventures or start new experiences, relationships

Additional moon phases

  • The moon waxes: best for creative work, inspiration, as well as goal-setting
  • A moon that is waxing ideal for forgiveness and letting go, offering thanks as well as releasing and grounding
  • Blue Moon: plan for goals and aspirations, ambitions and celebrations

Water rituals for the moon

There are many ways to make use of moon water. One option is to make the moon’s water ritual. Halley offers a suggestion below.


  • Bottle or jar
  • crystals, as well as other sacred items
  • Pen and paper
  • incense or smoke stick or
  • bell or singing bowl (optional)


Ensure you have the right supplies in your crystals, jars, sacred items, pen, and paper.

Cleanse the space using incense, sage or singing bowls, or a ring.

Fill the jar with water, most likely spring or distilled.

Place the container in a secure location in the direct light of the moon.

Place sacred objects and crystals within your jar.

Say your wish for your water loudly.

Please write down your intention for your water, then place it inside the container.

Cover the jar with a lid and leave it for a night.

According to Halley, cleaning your space before you begin will eliminate unwanted energies from your environment and stop the water from absorbing.

Placing sacred crystals and other objects can help you connect to the spiritual energy.

“If you don’t plan to drink the water, you could put the crystals into the glass,” says Halley.

Certain crystals can be poisonous when they are immersed in water. Don’t drink water infused with crystals without researching to ensure the crystals you’re consuming are safe.

Then, set your intention.

“It can be as straightforward as “This water purifies and cleanses everything it comes in contact with” or as complicated as you like It’s crucial to have a plan for the water you’re making,” Halley explains.

After you have spoken and written your thoughts down, place your paper inside the container. It should be covered with a cloth and then leave it to dry overnight.

The following day you will find your moon’s water waiting to be used.

Halley suggests drinking straight out of the jar or pouring the mixture into smaller bottles to use later. You can use spray bottles, roller bottles, spray bottles or even small containers.


Be sure to use a safe method when creating moon water. Make sure that the jars you use are clean and that you use potable water if you plan to drink it.

“Label and mark your bottles, and keep them in the fridge.” Halley advises. Halley, “Use it up within a month. The water can be a source of bacteria, and become stagnant, which you shouldn’t do that.”

If you’re planning to put crystals into your water, be sure that they’re not harmful to consume.


Many have believed for years in the moon’s power to influence us on an emotional, physical, and spiritual scale. Many think you can harness this power through drinking, spritzing or bathing in moon water.

Although there’s no research to prove the benefits of moon water, it’s still utilized for healing and spirituality in the present.

If you’re considering giving moon water a shot, use clean water and containers. It would help if you didn’t submerge crystals into your water unless you’re sure they’re safe to drink.

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