How to Use a YouTube Watch Time Booster

If you’d like to increase people’s time watching your YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place. There are several YouTube watch time booster tools available, and these tools work by boosting your video’s retention rate. In addition, YouTube’s Audience Retention report can help you find ways to attract and retain more viewers. Another YouTube watch time booster tool is using long-tail keywords, which increase your subscriber base and drive more traffic to your channel.

Buy Real Media

You can do a few things if you’re trying to boost your YouTube watch time. Firstly, you can use a service like Buy Real Media, which offers you to buy up to four thousand watch hours. These watch hours are guaranteed genuine organic watch time, meaning they’ve come from real accounts and are recommended to others.

YouTube has an algorithm that ranks videos and channels based on how many people have viewed them. This algorithm also factors in the watch time of the videos. The more your videos are viewed, the more prominent you appear in search results. A higher watch time also makes your videos trend on the explore page, making them more visible to people who may not know about you.

Another good service is SocialPros, which claims to be an expert in social media marketing. The service offers you a wide range of social media services, including buying real YouTube watch time. Whether you’re looking to boost your channel’s watch time or increase your overall reach, the service is an easy and convenient way to increase your audience’s interest in your videos.


The Viewsta YouTube watch time booster is an automated service that offers you a guaranteed number of watch hours daily. You must provide your YouTube channel URL and the link to your target video. Within 48 hours of signing up, your watch hours will start rolling in. However, you should note that you won’t be getting any organic YouTube views. These hours will come from accounts located around the world.

The Viewsta YouTube watch time booster offers several packages to suit all your needs. You can get a free trial of its basic package, which provides you with one thousand views. You can also avail of its live chat, which offers free consultations. However, you should know that you’ll have to pay some money for every 1000 views.


Subpals are a service that allows you to purchase YouTube watch hours at a discounted rate. You can purchase up to 500 watch hours at a time for $180. This rate is competitive, and the product is delivered within a reasonable timeframe. You should begin seeing results in 24 hours and can expect the full benefit of your investment within 72 hours.

Subpals’ team offers beginner-friendly service packages that work almost immediately. These services increase the credibility of your channel and increase its exposure. You can use the service for free or invest in the premium version. It will increase your views and subscribers by as much as 10 percent. You’ll also start receiving your first ten subscribers within 12 hours.

Another YouTube watch time booster that works in a few days is Media Mister. This service will help you generate more watch time for your videos. The average time to delivery is 12 days, and your video must be at least 60 minutes long. The company’s services are targeted, which gives you more control over your watch time.


If you want to increase your YouTube watch time, you need to invest in a quality Youtube watch time booster. UseViral provides a range of packages that will help you grow your account. Its proprietary system helps identify the most popular videos on your channel and recommends them for promotion. This helps you to get high-quality views and subscribers.

UseViral has a great community of real subscribers who will add value to your channel. You can purchase a package ranging from 100 subscribers to 1,500. The delivery time is also fast, and you can expect to see results within 24 hours. Ultimately, UseViral is one of the market’s most affordable YouTube watch time boosters.

This service has a large network of real users who will help you increase your YouTube watch time. Unlike other services, you won’t be paying for a mass of fake followers or engagements. UseViral offers a refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

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