Interior & Closet Door Buying Guide 2023

It is an arduous effort to remodel and change the inside of your home. We are aware that doing so might sometimes be costly. However, it would help if you did not undervalue the significance of interior design in your life.

Working hard every day makes it difficult to spend much time at home so we provide Door Buying Guide. Even if you only spend five hours at home, those five hours are your time of stillness. The ambiance in your home should be pleasant and tranquil.

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We are not suggesting that you renovate your entire house at once. Changing things one at a time is the most excellent method to achieve that aim. As a result, you should begin at the beginning. More precisely, people should change their interior doors.

There are a few things to consider when acquiring a new inside door.

Door Buying Guide

Door Type

Interior doors are classified into two types: pre-hung and slab.

A pre-hung door is ready to install and use with a prepared entryway since it contains a frame-mounted door and hinges.

A simple slab door does not include a frame, hinges, or handle set. Slab doors are available unfinished (requiring painting or staining) or completed and ready to hang.


Door apertures and dimensions are crucial when building or repairing an inside door. When replacing an existing door with a pre-hung one, choose one with the exact dimensions as the old one.

Interior doors are typically 24 inches wide, 28, 30, 32, and 36 inches tall, with a minimum height of 80 inches. Measure the width, size, and thickness of a slab door. Measure the width and height of the slab, the rough opening (the gap between the studs with no door installed), and the thickness of the jamb for a pre-hung door.


Handing, often known as door swing, is critical for location and door hardware. Stand on the outside of the door to determine to hand (the side from where you would enter, such as in the hallway facing the bedroom). A left-handed door has hinges on the left side of the door. It’s a right-handed door if the hinges are on the right side.

Door Designs

Interior doors come in various designs, allowing you to customize each space in your house.

  • Barn

A mint green room with a wood floor, a plant, a footstool, and a white barn door. Barn doors are a unique way to divide rooms while adding an artisan touch to any home. Some barn doors glide along an overhead rail, while others have a bottom track to keep the door from swinging open. Barn doors come in several designs, from rustic to polished, and are available prefinished or unfinished.

  • Pocket

A cream-colored bedroom outfitted with a bed and cushions, artwork, and a pocket door leading to the bathroom.

When opened, a pocket door tucks into the wall and disappears from view. It’s an excellent door when space is limited, and there’s no place for a door’s swing arc. Single or double doors might be employed depending on the width of the doorway.

  • Accordion

A home office complete with a bookcase, chair, rug, and a white accordion door with transparent panels. When opened, accordion doors fold in pieces down a track with wheels. They’re great for use as room separators, closets, and utility room doors.

  • French

French doors contain many lites (glass panes) across the length of the door, providing little seclusion while allowing light to stream in from adjacent rooms. They’re usually installed in pairs, with one door opening away from the other. They are a traditional design that gives any room a sense of refinement.

  • Bifold

When opened, bifold doors are hinged with symmetrical door panels that fold outward and to the side as a pair. Many bi-fold doors are louvered, which allows for better air circulation than standard doors. Because bifold doors do not swing and take up less space than hinged doors, they are ideal for closets, laundry rooms, utility rooms, and room dividers.

Door Finish

The finish you choose for your new door is determined by the amount of time and money you are ready to invest in the project.

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