Kerala Luxury Tour: The Best Luxury Things in Kerala for a Lavish Vacation

Kerala luxury tour

When it comes to lavish trips, few regions rival the serene state of Kerala, India. A Kerala luxury tour will take you to a place, known as God’s Own Country. It offers a perfect blend of nature’s beauty, lavish experiences, and a unique culture.

Kerala contains serene backwaters to lavish beach resorts and good spa treatments. In short, Kerala is a heaven for those seeking opulence and relaxation. This blog post, Keralapackage.org will explore the best lavish experiences it has to offer. Above all, ensure joyful and lavish tour for coming tourists.

1: Luxurious Accommodations

The first step to a lavish vacation is choosing the perfect stay. Stays available on Kerala luxury tour will not disappoint you in this regard.

The state boasts an array of world class lavish resorts and boutique hotels. Above all, each offers a unique experience that caters to the tastes of each tourists.

A) Houseboats on Backwaters

Feel the luxury on Kerala’s backwaters by staying in a house boat. They have all the modern amenities and great service, float along the tranquil backwaters. Above all, they provide a truly pleasant feel.

B) Private Pool Villas

Many resorts in Kerala offer private pool villas. These villas ensure an intimate and indulgent stay.

They further offers the lush greenery and stunning views all around them. These villas provide the perfect retreat for those seeking privacy and calm.

C) Heritage Hotels

They are for tourists with a penchant for history and culture. Kerala’s heritage hotels further offer a lavish glimpse into the state’s rich past. These exquisitely restored hotels provide a regal stay with a touch of nostalgia.

2: Ayurvedic Spa and Wellness Retreats

Firstly, Kerala is known for its ancient Ayurvedic treatments. Having these healing treatments in a lavish setting is a great delight.

The Ayurvedic spa and wellness retreats across the state offer a holistic approach. It will help to revive you and focus on the mind, body, and soul.

A) Ayurvedic Massages

Indulge in in person Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. They are done by skilled persons using natural oils and herbs. These treatments aim to promote relaxation, relieve stress, and enhance total well being.

B) Yoga and Meditation

Many lavish resorts in it offer yoga and meditation sessions amidst serene ambiance. They further allow the guests to embark on a journey of self finding and inner peace.

C) Detox Programs

For those seeking a complete wellness feel, lavish Ayurvedic retreats provide detox programs. These programs meanwhile cleanse the body and mind, leaving guests feeling revived and energized.

3: Unique Cuisine

Kerala’s culinary delights are as diverse as its landscapes. The state further takes pride in its tasty seafood, local spices, and unique flavors. For a truly lavish feel, indulge in the finest dining options that Kerala has to offer.

A) Seafood Extravaganza

Relish the freshest catch from the Arabian Sea prepared by expert chefs. The state’s coastal cuisine further boasts an array of mouth watering seafood dishes. That are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

B) Fine Dining Restaurants

Various lavish hotels and resorts house upscale restaurants. It further serve a fusion of foreign and regional cuisine. Enjoy a gourmet dining experience with a wide range of dishes crafted to perfection.

C) Private Dining Experiences

For a more intimate setting, opt for private dining experiences. Above all, here you can savor tasty meals in serene and scenic locations.

4: Cultural Spectacle

Kerala’s vibrant culture is a treasure trove of art, dance, music, and functions. Immerse yourself in the culture of the state and further witness charming programs by skilled artists.

A) Kathakali Dance Programs

Watch the charming Kathakali dance drama. It is a folk art form that shows minute facial moves and vibrant costumes. Above all, it portrays ancient stories and epics.

B) Martial Arts Demonstrations

Witness Kalaripayattu, one of the world’s oldest martial arts forms. It is firstly known for its dynamic move and disciplined methods.

C) Festivals

If your visit coincides with Kerala’s vibrant festivals, for example Onam or Thrissur Pooram. You can take part in the grand functions and ancient rituals that exude opulence and splendor.


Indulge in the finer things in life while being having the stunning beauty of nature. A Kerala luxury tour offers a charming escape from the mundane. You can pamper yourself with reviving Ayurvedic treatments, relish tasty cuisine, or stay in opulent stays.

In other words, Kerala ensures an experience that leaves an indelible mark on your soul. Embrace the calm and lavishness of God’s Own Country for a joyful vacation. This trip will further remain etched in your hearts forever.

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