Lexia Review – Innovative Ways to Improve Student Literacy

Lexia is an educational technology company with the mission of improving student literacy. Its innovative approach to literacy instruction has gotten national attention. It has proven effective in helping students learn to read and write. Over four million students use the Lexia program to improve their learning. The company’s approach has also been the subject of more than 20 published scientific and peer-reviewed research studies.

Lesson plans for students with Lexea

A teacher’s ability to deliver effective literacy instruction is critical to the Lexia curriculum. Lexia’s solutions are based on a structured approach to literacy instruction that builds on prior learning and sequentially moves students through the content. They also help teachers strengthen their relationship with students by transferring ownership of the learning process to students.

Lexia has various tools and features to help teachers plan, deliver, and assess lessons. Lesson plans are a critical component of personalized instruction, and the Lexia solution is designed to meet the unique needs of each student. The system’s embedded assessment provides real-time feedback to teachers, which fuels customized lesson plans for individual learners.

The Lexia Core5 Reading program offers a systematic approach to six areas of reading. It also has a Learning Management System (LMS) that helps teachers create personalized learning paths for each student. Teachers can choose a combination of in-class lesson plans and computer-based learning. Lexia provides specific support for ELL students.

Lexia’s individualized approach to literacy instruction

Lexia is a company that believes in personalized learning and uses technology to help students improve their literacy. Their products support students’ varying cognitive abilities and provide detailed real-time reports to teachers. Lexia products also provide structured literacy instruction while building on prior knowledge. The company’s innovative approach to literacy instruction has been studied extensively. It has been documented in more than 20 peer-reviewed research studies published in scientific journals.

Lexia’s Core5(r) Reading is a research-proven program that helps primary school educators differentiate instruction based on a student’s skill level. This personalized approach helps educators identify skill gaps and effectively target them. Its PowerUp Literacy program targets students in Key Stage 4. It helps educators address gaps in basic literacy skills while building higher-order thinking skills.

Lexia has also developed an implementation support package for educators using Core5 literacy training materials. It includes modules for teachers on data coaching and using Core5 materials and support for instructional leaders. With over 35 years of continuous research and program development, Lexia has a proven approach that works.

Lexia’s Lexia Connections app for Apple Watch

Lexia’s Lexia Connections app is designed for students to use for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Once a student logs in to their Lexia account, the app logs them out automatically after 15 to 20 minutes. After logging in to the Lexia account, students see a dashboard with four informational elements. The dashboard shows students how much they’ve learned, how many units they’ve completed, and how they’re progressing.

Parents, teachers, and students can also access a wealth of resources on the Lexia website. The Lexia At-Home Resources Hub provides information and support in English and Spanish. The Lexia Customer Success team also offers webinars to help families get the most from Lexia’s products.

The Lexia Connections app features Lexia Core5 Reading, a technology-based program for pre-K through fifth-grade students. It provides personalized learning paths based on student performance data. Using adaptive auto-placement, the program targets skill gaps as they emerge and equips educators with actionable data.

Lexia’s Lexia Reading Core5

Lexia’s Lexia Reading Core5 provides a comprehensive, personalized learning experience that allows students at every level of instruction to advance their reading skills. The program uses explicit instruction, guided practice, and direct instruction to target specific error types to help students improve their reading. It also helps students develop critical listening skills.

Lexia’s Core5 Reading is a comprehensive literacy program that accelerates the development of basic literacy skills for PreK to fifth-grade students. Its adaptive auto-placement approach targets skill gaps as they develop while providing educators with data to monitor student progress. The program also offers a host of professional development resources to help educators tailor their instruction to individual students’ needs.

Lexia’s Lexia Reading Core5 includes a variety of resources and activities designed to develop comprehension strategies and higher-order thinking skills. It is a browser-based program that promotes student-driven learning. Lexia provides in-person and online training for teachers. Teachers and students can access reports of progress in real-time. These reports also show whether a student requires an educator-led Lexia lesson or Lexia Skill Builder.

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