Major Reasons Behind the Rising Trend for Cosmetic Treatments

Major Reasons Behind the Rising Trend for Cosmetic Treatments

Everybody has this desire to look good and appealing. Some do it for themselves, while for some, the aim is to impress others. Earlier, people used to visit salons and spas, to rejuvenate their bodies and skin. However, this desire to look good is now compelling many to book an appointment at plastic and cosmetic surgery centers.

Numbers Speak for Themselves

Cosmetic procedures, all over the world, are gaining a lot of popularity. Take the UAE for example, a huge number of people visit it to get Liposuction, Fillers, Rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation in Dubai. Even non-surgical procedures are attracting visitors from all over the world.

Talking about statistics, people spent over $9.3 billion on aesthetic treatments in 2020. The breakdown of this amount shows $6 billion in surgical treatments and $3 billion in non-surgical procedures. This marked a rise of almost 80 percent on a YoY basis. And bear in mind that this was the year when the entire world battled with COVID-19. So, despite the pandemic, people were still getting various procedures to enhance their looks. It is expected that plastic and cosmetic surgery will reach $800 billion by 2025.

Let’s take a look at the reasons that are contributing to the rising number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures people are getting:


Until a few years back, going under the knife for cosmetic purposes was looked down upon. As a matter of fact, it’s still taboo in some places. However, people have become more accepting of these procedures. Celebrities, who used to deny getting something to their face despite the obvious results, were always denying that they have gotten plastic surgery.

Things, however, are changing now. Celebs have started to openly discuss their surgeries and the challenges they have to face because of them. This has resulted in even commoners showing up at plastic surgery clinics to go under the knife. And consequently, the numbers are rising at a rapid pace.

The Emergence of Non-surgical Procedures

Despite the awareness and acceptance, you will still find many people who are reluctant to get incisions on their bodies. This is partly due to the fear of surgeries and partly due to the stigmas associated with these procedures (which are gradually fading away).

However, with non-surgical procedures easily available now, people are now ready to shed their inhibitions and get work done on their faces or body.

For instance, HydraFacial treatment ranks among the top cosmetic procedures performed in Dubai. CoolSculpting is another popular non-surgical treatment people are getting. Ultherapy, Threadlift, Laser Hair Removal, VelaShape, and Profhilo are other treatments that populate the list of most in-demand cosmetic procedures that are non-invasive in nature.

Social Media

We may not realize it but social media does impact our lifestyle and thought process. People take inspiration from what they see or read online. So, when youngsters watch models with flawless looks, they too develop an urge of spotting the same appearance.

Similarly, women in their 40s, when they see fitter women in better shape, even though they are in the same age bracket, get influenced and opt for such procedures.

Men, too, have joined the bandwagon now when it comes to cosmetic procedures, thanks to social media. People have now understood that these procedures are not only confined to women. Men can get them too and improve their looks and physique.

The current statistics show that men account for 10% of the total cosmetic procedures performed. And this number is expected to rise with the passage of time.

Safer, Effective, and Cheaper

One major thing that pulled people, apart from high cost and stigmas, from cosmetic procedures was safety concerns. People were afraid of the results. However, now, these procedures have become safer, and more effective, too.

Furthermore, most of these treatments are reversible too. So, if you don’t like the shape of your nose after getting a rhinoplasty, you can always get it changed. Furthermore, these procedures have also become more affordable. For instance, lip fillers in Dubai no longer cost an arm or leg.

Easy Availability

Earlier, only a handful of options were available for those seeking plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments. However, now you can easily find a plastic surgery clinic in your city and get your desired procedure.

Having said that, it’s important that you choose a well-reputed clinic. Make sure the doctors there are professional and experienced. Have an initial consultation session with them prior to getting the surgery. It will help you in understanding the treatment and its outcome in a better way.

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