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This is my feature regarding Sleep and ME: tablets and herbal supplements. In this article, I will discuss:

Sleep problems in ME/CFS and my own issues

What was the reason I need prescription sleep tablets that help me fall asleep

In what time was I capable of switching to alternative options

How long can I try new supplements?

Herbal Supplements: My long-term solution to better sleep

It’s the ME insanity spiral

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It took lots of work research and perseverance breaking habits and forming new ones to experience a significant improvement in my sleep quality. I am sharing my experience to see if anyone can find a portion of it beneficial however its not meant to be medical advice. Every person is unique and must decide what is best for themselves.

Sleep Dysfunction in ME/CFS

Sleep that is not restore despite adequate or extend sleep duration is among the most important diagnostic signs for ME and the reason behind this is nt known. Many patients with ME have at least one type of sleep disorder however there are a variety of types and not everyone experiences the same issues.

I found that getting to sleep was difficult. That night I struggled with sleeplessness and I could not get asleep but when I did (usually at 3am) I would wake up frequently i dont lay awake with tiredness pain and tired legs waiting for the time when my physical need to sleep was greater than the amount of fatigue and pain I felt. I’d usually sleep for approximately 4 hours, and be unable to get up. I would be exhaust until late into the evening or afternoon.

Sleep is vital for health and long-term sleep absence can negatively impact different organs and systems of the body (including the brain and immune system). Dr. Myhill mentions sleep as one of the issues to tackle to deal with ME.

Sleep and ME: Prescription Sleeping Tablets

As my ME was getting more severe I had a difficult time falling asleep, partly due to the tired but wired feeling and partly because of the pain. I’d fall asleep well after 3am and then fall asleep. I woke up feeling worse and tired than I did when I went to sleep. It’s an unanswerable question, but a lot of sufferers of ME feel like this. I was totally incapable of sleeping during the morning, and I could barely take a brief nap. A severe ME is when you are too tire or weak to eat big meals yet eating fairly regularly and generally good. So I was unsure of the reason when I woke up in the early hours of the morning and was extremely hungry. I’d have to consume several oatcakes before I could go to sleep.

I’d never used prescription sleep tablets prior to knowing that they can be addictive. I was already aware that every organ was suffering so I was not keen on further straining my kidneys and liver. However, I was in desperate need of help and consequently, my GP recommended Buy Zopiclone Online. It made me fall asleep quicker, but I was unable to get up the next morning. I’d have a sleep hangover by lunchtime. They leave a flavor in my mouth. I’m not sure if I’m feeling well rested after their “induced” sleep. Additionally, the list of possible adverse negative effects (from hallucinations to psychosis) is frightening!

Sleeping pills prescribed by a doctor are a temporary solution, whereas ME is a chronic condition. This is why I had to explore a different approach. I’m looking for something with long term benefits that have an effect that is healthy and positive on my body and well being.

Sleep and ME: Diphenhydramine (Nytol Original)

I was able to gradually wean myself off Zopiclone through decreasing (reducing) the dosage and switching to diphenhydramine. Diphenhydramine can be describe as an antihistamine which is an antihistamine that is sedat (causes sleepiness) therefore it is employ to help people fall asleep. It’s sell over the counter however, you’ll require discuss your needs with a doctor. I began by taking Nytol tablets and noticed they helped me get to sleep faster. I would sleep for a few hours after taking the one-a night however, I would often wake up too early. Sleeping is somewhat more restful than it did after Zopiclone. I was delight to see that in the Fitbit results. The Fitbit showed that I was sleeping longer and was spending about 30-40 minutes in the “deep” sleep stage. The deep sleep stage is a crucial stage for promoting hormones, memory, cell repair, and energy production.

In the meantime I also tried my paleo-keto (PK) diet which helped keep my energy levels and blood sugar significantly more steady. I was able to stop myself from feeling hungry if awakened in the middle of the night. There is an entire chapter in Dr Myhill’s book to learn about the advantages that this PK diet and the benefits ofe is re. It took several months for me to finally quit using zopiclone, and to rely on Nytol fluid instead.

My doctor tell me that diphenhydramine was not suggest for long-term use for treat insomnia. Although it’s a lot superior to Buying Zopiclone Online, it’s not a solution for the long-term. Therefore, I eventually began to decrease my dependence on Nytol.

How long can I try new supplements?

When I try a new supplement or long-term treatment, I generally give a 3-4 week trial. Certain prescription medications might be longer but I always talk to my GP when I ll notice an effect and the possible side effects I should expect. There are a variety of reasons behind my trial of 3 weeks:
A) my body needs to take a few days to get use to the new substance(s)
B) when my body is familiar with it and I m use to it it may take one or two weeks get the full benefit to increase
C) it is challenging to determine the effectiveness of the method while taking into account other variables that could affect how it performs. When I m experiencing an emotional time or am suffering from an acute pain I m not able to make an accurate judgment about how effective the new supplement could be.

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