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Do you what is the importance of custom tamper boxes? Well, it keeps the packaging secure and protects your brand value. The tamper is a circular, rectangular, or square-shaped sticker. And you can attach it to the box and prevent its tampering. As a result, it improves your brand’s reputation and convinces the customers to buy. However, this blog discusses many more benefits of tamper boxes. So let us jump into the details.

Custom printed tamper boxes: informative packaging

Custom tamper boxes are widely used in the food industry. And you can use it on freshly baked or cooked items. And it includes pizzas, burgers, donuts, and pastries.

Besides securing the boxes, it tells the customers about the following

  • Product flavor and type
  • Quantity and price
  • Production and expiration date
  • Storage conditions

In a nutshell, you can print the key details on the customized sticker. It makes your food packaging safe and informative. Isn’t that amazing?

Adds extra protection to your boxes

Although the custom packaging is durable and strong, but at times food, cosmetic and electronic brands want to make their packaging extra safe. Well, sounds great, but how is that possible?

Good news: custom tamper packaging is the answer!

You can attach the seal to any box style. And if it is torn apart, it means that the packaging has been tampered with or compromised. Therefore the customers are warned not to buy if the seal is broken. In other words, the seal boosts the customer’s trust in your brand. And they eventually buy it without having any second thoughts. Hence it is an amazing way to make your brand credible. Therefore tamper packaging is widely used across all industries.

Cost-effective option

Have you keenly observed the customized seal? Don’t you think it’s a cost-effective way to secure the 30ml custom Printed packages.? Yes, it is! The seal or sticker is lightweight and can be easily shipped in bulk quantities. Consequently, it reduces the shipment fare. Moreover, you can order the seal in different sizes, colors, and designs. Thus you can make your packaging creative and safe at the best price!

Amplifies the unboxing experience

There is no denying that people are big fans of unboxing videos. They follow famous bloggers and wait for their honest reviews 30ml custom Printed packages. Therefore from food to cosmetics to electronics, all the brands pay attention to the packaging details. And it includes various factors, from box style and color to decorations. However, sealed packaging is one of the easiest ways to win the customer’s trust. It looks sophisticated and adds value to the boxes. It is important to note that tampered packaging is necessary to secure high-end items. And it includes perfumes, gadgets, and makeup items. The truth is that if the customer gets a hint of even slight tampering, they refuse to buy your product. And the worst part is that they give a negative review on social media. Thus it damages your reputation, and you lose potential customers.

Wins the customer’s trust

Do you know what is the best feature of sealed packaging? Well, it is sticky, small-sized, and handy. All you need is to attach it to the box, and you are good to go! The small-sized seal provides endless benefits. Moreover, you can apply it to any packaging style, color, or design. For instance, you can use it on tray and sleeve, two-piece, reverse tuck end, or boxes with windows.  For that reason, custom tamper packaging is quite popular. And the brands prefer it because it helps them win the customer’s trust. Thus it attracts new customers and results in skyrocketing sales.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

We design wholesale tamper boxes as per your needs. We offer an instant and easy customization process. Moreover, our in-house experts are available 24/7 to assist you with each step. You can visit iCustomBoxes.com, mention the tamper packaging details, and upload the artwork. Next, our estimators will send the price quote within 24 hours. And do you know what are the benefits of ordering bulk quantities? You get bundle discounts, reduced prices per box, and low shipment fares. Since we value our customers, their satisfaction matters the most; therefore, we share a digital sample for your approval. So you can have a clear idea about the seal’s design, style, size, and color. Lastly, whether you order hundreds or thousands of custom tamper boxes, we offer a free shipping service. Yes, we deliver short-run or wholesale orders to your doorsteps with no hidden or additional charges. For more queries, dial +1-800-347-2197 and talk to our packaging experts. Or feel free to send an email to support@icustomboxes.com. Our in-house printing team promises to provide the best packaging designs in no time!

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