Pregnancy Counselling in Noida

Pregnancy Counselling in Noida

Prepregnancy counseling in Noida helps you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for pregnancy, helping you make informed decisions about childbirth. It also addresses any emotional obstacles that may arise during this time.

Counselling combines biomedical, behavioral and social interventions to promote a woman’s health before pregnancy. This may include reproductive planning, folic acid prevention, substance use prevention, weight reduction or other preventive measures.

Preconception Counselling

Preconception counselling is an integral component of pregnancy care. It seeks to minimize risks to a woman’s health and that of her baby by addressing social, behavioural, and environmental factors which can interfere with fertility.

This can include exposure to substances that may harm a fetus’ development and health, like alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, it involves reviewing medications for potential teratogenic effects, fetal screening and other measures.

A medical check-up should include blood tests to detect anemia and other diseases. These tests can also be used to pinpoint any underlying issues that might prevent a woman from becoming pregnant and/or giving birth to a healthy child.

Preconception counseling is also a time to obtain necessary immunizations, such as the hepatitis B and rubella vaccines. Furthermore, it helps prevent pregnancy-related complications by ensuring a woman’s diet, medication regimen and lifestyle are balanced and healthy.

High-Risk Pregnancy Counselling

If you’re trying to conceive or have already done so, it can be beneficial to take every measure possible to reduce stress during the process. Making regular checkups and getting any necessary vaccinations done ahead of time are two great ways to minimize risks and ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla, a renowned gynecologist in Noida, can help you save the hassle of having to travel far for medical care. Not only does she offer medical guidance, but her passion for education extends beyond providing medical assistance; she enjoys sharing her expertise with the public at large.

She has been working in women’s health for several years, having previously practiced as both an OB/GYN and fertility specialist. Additionally, she holds a certification in yoga teaching and holds a degree in physiotherapy which she utilizes to assist those suffering from chronic pain or other ailments that may affect their ovaries, fallopian tubes or other reproductive organs.

Normal Delivery Counselling

Prepregnancy counselling in Noida assists pregnant women to prepare their bodies and minds for an easy pregnancy. It may also enable them to identify and reduce risks that could interfere with fertility, such as social or behavioral factors.

Normal delivery is a safe and efficient way to deliver a baby, often recommended by doctors based on a woman’s health status and pregnancy progress.

Natural childbirth can provide a speedy recovery for both mother and baby. Furthermore, it’s less painful than other methods of childbirth.

Doctors typically recommend that women opt for normal delivery when they are in good health and have no complications during their pregnancy or labor. It’s also the ideal method for first-time moms who may not be prepared to have a cesarean section.

Postpartum Care

New mothers and their infants require ongoing support throughout the postpartum period. This may include assistance from family and friends, as well as medical attention from a woman’s obstetrician-gynecologist or other qualified provider of obstetric care.

Postpartum periods can last anywhere from six weeks to one year after delivery. New mothers typically experience both physical and emotional changes during this time, including transitioning from pregnancy to motherhood.

Some women may require extra assistance during this time, such as a doula who can assist with baby care. Others need more focused assistance like therapy for mood and anxiety issues.

Timing of postpartum care is of the utmost importance, particularly for women with chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disease, obesity or substance use disorders. To ensure successful care for both mother and newborn during this crucial time requires coordination between obstetrician-gynecologist and primary care providers.

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