Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN) Stock Review

In this article, we will discuss the financials of Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN). We will look at its market capitalization, P/S ratio, and Ownership stake. Considering these factors, we can determine whether it is a good stock.

Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN)

Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN) is a diversified life sciences company with a pipeline of cancer drug candidates. Its therapeutic pipeline includes QN-302, a small molecule genomic quadruplex (G4) selective transcription inhibitor. The company has also developed a DNA-coated gold nanoparticle cancer drug candidate called QN-247 that targets different types of cancer. The company is also developing small molecules that inhibit RAS oncogene protein binding. These compounds are effective against cancer cells in pancreatic and colorectal cancers, among other types.

The company’s main business is developing and marketing novel therapeutic products for infectious diseases and cancer. It also offers a rapid diagnostic testing system called FastPack. The FastPack menu includes tests for men’s health, cancer, vitamin D status, and antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. Its pipeline also includes QN-302, a pancreatic duct adenocarcinoma-related cancer drug.

Market capitalization

Market capitalization measures a stock’s value relative to its current share price. It is also known as the “net worth” of a company. It is calculated by dividing stock market capitalization by the total number of outstanding shares.

Price-to-sales ratio

The price-to-sales ratio of Nasdaq QlGN is the stock’s current market value divided by its recent sales. It helps you gauge a company’s profitability by comparing its past performance with its peers in the US Biotechs industry. However, this ratio is not a prediction of future performance. Several factors affect a stock’s price, and you should consider these before you buy or sell.

The Price to sales ratio of Nasdaq-listed QLGN varies with the market cap and number of outstanding shares. A novice investor may use the market cap to compare two stocks, but comparisons are meaningless unless you understand the number of outstanding shares. It is best to analyze the company’s historical data to see how much it has changed in price over time.

Ownership stake

Shares of Common Stock on The Nasdaq Capital Market previously traded under the symbol “RTTR.” On May 26, 2020, shares of Common Stock started trading under the new symbol QLGN. In addition to its new symbol, the common stock also received a change to its CUSIP number. While this change is not a result of a Merger, it does reflect a difference in the name.

Recent purchases and sales

Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc. recently entered into a definitive agreement to sell its common stock to an institutional investor for $8 million. The company will also issue a series of common warrants to the investors for $5 per share for two years.


Beta measures a stock’s volatility in the broader market. The beta for Qualigen Therapeutics (QLGN) is -0.71. The store has historically been inversely correlated to the NASDAQ average. It has bucked the trend of the market.

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