Royal Beauty and More – A Unique and Eclectic Beauty Supply Store

Royal Beauty and more is a unique and eclectic beauty supply store. It focuses on meeting the beauty needs of people of all ethnicities. Moreover, it provides friendly customer service. Its mission is to provide high-quality products and care to customers. To make this possible, they offer products for every skin type and ethnicity.

Elizabeth Arden

Known for its award-winning skincare, Elizabeth Arden is a leading global beauty brand with more than a hundred years of experience. The company also offers a range of colour cosmetics and fragrances. It is part of the Revlon group. Among its most popular products is its Eight Hour Cream, which is said to be the best lip gloss for dehydrated skin.

Elizabeth Arden was a pioneer of the makeup industry, having pioneered eye makeup. She was one of the first to develop travel-size beauty products, which were marketed to women on the go. She also trained travelling beauty salesmen and pioneered the concept of a “makeover.”

Molton Brown

The fragrance specialists at Molton Brown, a London-based beauty brand, are committed to creating exceptional fragrances. What started as a small company of artisans has evolved into a global brand offering an unrivalled range of products. Developed by a team of visionary perfumers, every single Molton Brown creation offers a unique sensory experience. From the scents to the packaging, this brand’s expertise in fragrance creation has earned it a place as the purveyor to the British Royal Family.

Molton Brown’s first store opened in Mayfair, London, in 1973, and over the years the company has opened outposts throughout the world. Its fine liquid hand wash is Britain’s first luxury liquid hand wash, and today, the brand is renowned for holding the Royal Warrant to supply toiletries to the Queen. The brand has recently expanded into India through a partnership with Berkeley Beauty Brands Pvt. Ltd., which is led by Gaganmeet Singh.

Yardley London soaps

Yardley London soaps are known for their lavender fragrance, which has many benefits for the skin. The brand has a long history and is one of the oldest cosmetics companies in the world. Its first product was created during the 17th century, and it is now one of the most recognized and prestigious soap brands in the world. In the early twentieth century, it also expanded its line to include perfumes and toiletries.

In 1835, William Yardley established the first London soap factory in Ridgmount Street, Bloomsbury. In 1841, the company opened another factory on Carpenters Road in Stratford. In the same year, the company introduced a new line of hand cream, which was a wartime initiative for women who worked in factories. In 1932, Queen Mary granted the company the second Royal Warrant for its soaps and perfumes. The first royal warrant, which was issued in 1921, had been issued to Yardley by Edward, Prince of Wales. However, in 1939, the company suffered greatly due to the outbreak of World War II.

Clarins lipstick

The Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick has an intense colour and a smooth texture that glides over the lips with a satin finish. Its formula contains pure plant extracts such as Marsh Samphire Extract and Mango Oil to keep your lips supple and nourished. The creamy formula also contains anti-oxidants to keep your lips looking their best. And it comes in a sleek, golden tube.

The 1953 Coronation was a red-coloured event, and Queen Elizabeth wore a peach-toned liquid foundation and bespoke Clarins lipstick to match her royal regalia. The bespoke shade was created especially for the Queen’s make-up, which had to match her red Robe of State.

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