Saturdays Are For the Boys

“Saturdays are for the bous,” is a modern movement that started as a hashtag and morphed into an ethos for frat boys. It is a simple statement, but it speaks volumes about our current ethos of dominating the frat boy universe. Dudes are taking Saturday back. But what is it really mean? What is the ethos behind this movement?

Saturdays are for the boys

“Saturdays are for the boys,” the popular catchphrase of sports-humor blog Barstool Sports, became an internet sensation this summer. The phrase was born out of an accidental drunken tweet by Barstool Sports blogger John Feitelberg. It has since become an international rallying cry for the male fraternity. Now, many women find it amusing, too. Whether it’s a Friday night football game or a Saturday night disco, hanging out with your boys is a guarantee for a good time.

Saturdays are for the boys, is a phrase often used to describe a night out with friends without women present. It’s a term that originated as a hashtag and has since morphed into an ethos that rules the frat boy universe. It means that dudes are taking back Saturday, and the phrase is a sign of that. But who are these men? Does it really mean what it seems?

Saturdays are for the men

The phrase, “Saturdays are for the men,” went viral in June, when it trended for four weeks and even ended up in the Urban Dictionary. However, few people know its humble origins. Barstool Sports blogger John Feitelberg first tweeted the phrase from a bar in Newport, RI, where he saw an old drunk man offer an impromptu toast to the patrons. He responded with a hilarious response: “Fridays are for the boys, and Saturdays are for the men!”

“Saturdays are for the boys,” is a popular catchphrase that became a trending hashtag on social media, and has been embraced by athletes from a variety of sports, including hockey and football. Athletes like Michael Phelps and Noah Syndegaard have also made the phrase part of their branding. Barstool even sold t-shirts quoting the hashtag, and filmed athletes saying it.

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