Show off your brand’s personality with MMS messages

Show off your brand’s personality with MMS messages

MMS messages are a well-liked new method used by marketers to reach Millennials. The MMS Message experience is significantly more personal than other forms of communication, and it could help your company stand out in a crowded market.

It’s challenging to imagine all the possible ways businesses could use MMS to grow their operations. There are applications for every industry, and there are countless original ideas! Only a few examples include retail, hospitality and travel, financial services, healthcare, real estate, media and entertainment, and telecommunications.

Difference between SMS and MMS

The feature that sets MMS apart from SMS the most is the capacity to send rich media files like photos, GIFs, and movies. MMS can send data up to 5,000 characters long (500 KB) and audio or video lasting up to 30 seconds. Depending on your messaging provider, MMS communications may be more expensive to send than SMS messages.

SMS messages can only contain text and have a character limit of 160. Due to how simple they are, they are generally cheaper to send than MMS. The ability to send MMS and SMS messages internationally and the cost of doing so, as well as the rates for sending bulk messages of any kind, vary by provider.

To reach customers where they are, you can’t ignore cell phone texting. On the phones they are likely already using, SMS and MMS allow you to quickly communicate with customers. Depending on the campaign or marketing strategy you want to use. MMS in particular offers several advantages that are important to consider.

This article explores the many benefits of MMS messaging, from higher open rates to customised experiences that maximise conversions and profits.

Why Use MMS?

1. A Place to Forge Enduring Connections

It is challenging to create a message that truly appeals to your target audience given the blatant 160-character limit for SMS texts. MMS messages can contain up to 5,000 characters, allowing for the creation of more complex messages. Your capacity to inform and engage is also increased by the use of images, videos, or audio files.

MMS is more than just a personalised pocket billboard because it supports two-way messaging. By reducing friction throughout the customer experience, MMS may help you increase customer satisfaction.

Consider sending a customer a text message that includes a picture of the shipping proof, but they are unaware of your location. They can respond to the SMS straight away and let the driver know that it seems like the address is wrong.

The driver then makes the necessary corrections while he is nearby. The issue was resolved, and your company earned the trust of a customer who is now fervently loyal.

2. What You Send Won’t Be Forgotten By Anyone

Images give your messaging more colour and depth while still engaging your audience. If you decide to add images, videos, and GIFs to your MMS message in addition to text. It might look more visually appealing than a simple SMS text.

Individuals who are given information will only retain 10% of it three days later, according to research. However, three days later, recipients of the same communication who also received a pertinent visual remembered 65% of the information.

3. MMS Texts Have A Lasting Impression

When sent to a consumer, an MMS Message is more personal than other forms of communication. Loyalty and confidence are fostered when the recipient believes they can communicate with you directly. Your clients are more likely to remember your MMS 

Messages than if they only saw your text or banner ad online. The impact of this goes beyond just the one person who shares the same link within their social network because they can disseminate the Message to others who may have missed the original information.

Furthermore, there is less chance that recipients will forget to open or delete your Mms Messages because they open them with an interest in what you have to say.

 Therefore, those little golden nuggets will be kept securely in their container until they are required again.

4. The Intimacy of MMS Messaging Exceeds The Other Forms of Communication

MMS texts and private letters are very similar. Since they are exchanged directly between two people, no one without an internet connection can access them if they are stored in the cloud. Your MMS Message won’t become public until you decide to share it, and even then. Only the people you have selected to receive it can see it. In other words, you will be the only one who can decide who else sees the data in your MMS.

Unlike typing on our smartphones or desktops all day. MMS messages give us the liberty of expressing ourselves in ways that trying to type on those devices does not.

Final Words

Even if you have someone’s cell phone number to text, there is no way to know in advance if their device is MMS-enabled. But do not fret. If an MMS message cannot be delivered, a backup SMS message will still be sent. With the aid of this fallback message, which includes a dynamic URL to the initial multimedia message you sent, your messages will always be received as intended.

With the aid of the e-commerce text message marketing platform Guni, you can turn text into a dependable source of income. By seamlessly integrating with your e-commerce platform, Guni enables you to automate SMS and MMS messages and flows based on consumer behaviour and measure their effects.

With Guni’s robust features, it’s simple to make and send text messages, maintain your subscriber list, divide up your clientele based on behaviour, and track the results.

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