The ADHD – Migraine Connection

Migraines can be a trigger for anxiety, among other things.If you have a loved one you know is diagnosed as having the condition of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD also known as ADD) and you are conscious that taking care of this disorder has its own challenges. You may not have thought of is that people who are in the midst the midst of ADHD are also at a higher risk the risk of experiencing migraines.

Researchers continue to figure out the precise nature of the relationship between ADHD and migraine, there appear to be many possibilities of explanations that could be related to hormones, genetics, Buy Adderall Online and the existence of sleep disorders that could trigger both conditions.

HTML0This article is focused on the relationship between ADHD and migraine. It also suggests strategies to lessen the impact that they impact your daily life.

The Link Between ADHD, Migraine, Stress, Sleep and Anxiety

If you’ve experienced ADHD If yes, you’re probably familiar with the variety of co-morbidities which usually accompany the condition, which comprise depression, anxiety, or sleep disorders. These ailments have also been shown to trigger migraines. Sleep and stress have been both connected to migraines.

For instance, studies have discovered that sleep apnea as along with depression are connected. Additionally, disturbances in sleep and mood have been proven to increase or worsen the symptoms that are a sign of ADHD and migraine. This can create a vicious cycle of multiple comorbidities, such as insomnia, mood disorders ADHD and migraine are fed by and amplify one another.

Research suggests that the reasons behind these comorbidities could be more complicated and stemming from a combination of physiological and environmental causes. Researchers are currently investigating possibilities that root cause of these disorders could lie related to the inability of brain cells to efficiently process dopamine.

Another possibility of a connection among ADHD and migraines is stimulant medications used to manage of ADHD symptoms. The stimulant medication may cause minor headaches near the back of the head due to the dosage of medication is reduced or cause severe migraines across the entire head, which can lead to the discontinuation of medication due to headache.

Simple Migraine Management Strategies

While there’s no cure for migraines, there’s a method to treat symptoms. In the majority of cases, it can help manage some of the signs and symptoms associated with ADHD or migraines.

Reduce Stress

Because depression and anxiety may lead to an rise in migraines and ADHD issues, taking measures to reduce stress may be a good first step. If you are feeling overwhelmed and dissatisfied with the clutter that is accumulating within your home, small each day efforts to clear your home can help reduce stress that could trigger migraines, or worsen symptoms related to ADHD symptoms.

Maximize Sleep

The sleep disorders can be linked to migraines and ADHD So making the proper steps to recognize and treat the potential for sleep disorders can be very beneficial in reducing your symptoms. According to research that, for instance, about 18 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea, however most people aren’t aware that they suffer from it.

There are a variety of signs that can help in determining whether there is a problem with sleep apnea. For instance, snoring and severe fatigue during the day, Buy Adderall frequent waking at night or experiencing an aching throat when you get up. If you suspect that you may have an issue with sleep, speaking to your doctor or speaking with a sleep specialist could be a good alternative to improve your standard of life.

Explore Triggers, Pressure Points and Treatments

Avoiding migraine triggers like stress, medication (or refusing to take the medicine) or glare from sunlight is a great way to prevent. If you are suffering with migraine, there are treatment options that are readily available. Knowing the pressure points employed to treat migraines by using Acupressure and acupuncture may provide relief and help from a medical professional. The treatment of triggers and treatment of pressure points are efficient methods to decrease ADHD symptoms. If you’re suffering from migraine headaches that are severe You may also need the assistance of an treatment program that incorporates Acetaminophen or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Always consult with your doctor prior to starting any treatment plan.

The Takeaway

It’s never easy to deal with chronic illness. And for the many who suffer from both ADHD and migraines, the demands of everyday life can be incredibly challenging. But the comorbidities which arise from ADHD and migraine do not have to stop you from living the life you want and deserve. The good news is that there are effective methods to treat these conditions – and treating one issue will almost always lead to improvement in the other.

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