The Top Attractions in San Salvado

San Salvado

San Salvado

Are you the one who is thinking of visiting San Salvador? Well, then you are going to experience something very interesting and amazing. There are a lot of fun activities that you can carry on here, so boom your tickets with frontier airlines tickets and get the tour planned.

San Salvador is tucked at the bottom of Central America and it is the best place for the backpackers. This place is the same as the size of New Jersey and there are a lot of things that you will get here apart from beautiful spots and leisure activities.

When should one book flights from San Salvador

If you are thinking of visiting San Salvador, then you should be aware of the fact that the place is being visited by people a lot and there are many festivals celebrated round the year. So, when you are booking tickets ensure that you book them 20 days before your trip to get the best deals and prices.

How long flights take from San Salvador

Flights take different times to reach different places. It takes 3hr 5 minutes to reach Houston, USA, 50 minutes to reach Guatemala, and 4 hrs 20 minutes to reach Washington.

Which airlines fly from San Salvador

The various airlines that fly from San Salvador are:

United Airlines

Spirit airlines

Avianca airlines

TAG airlines

Volaris Costa Rica airlines

Which festivals are celebrated in San Salvador

There are various festivals that are celebrated in San Salvador round the year. These are Las Bolas De Fuego and it is known as the ball of fire festival, San Miguel Carnival festival Fiesta Julias festival which is celebrated in the month of July, and Transcendence full moon festival. Book your tickets with frontier airlines tickets and get the best deals and bookings.

What are the best places to visit in San Salvador

There are so many destinations in San Salvador and each destination has something worth visiting. Some of these are mentioned below:


Tazumal is one of the most interesting Mayan ruins and there are various archeological remains here. Tazumal is also a center of trade and those who visit here can experience the unique place and also visit the onsite museum.

Playa el Tunco

This is a beach town and there are various backpackers who are always looking forward to visiting the place. There are pebbly black beaches here and the morning view is just the best. Moreover, the nights are also equally amazing with the crowd and the fabulous bars.

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This is a colonial city headed north east. It is a great mountain getaway and the place is a national magnet of culture and various arts, food and festivals are celebrated here. The place is beyond beautiful, has spectacular caves and waterfalls. So, if you are the one who is headed to San Salvador then you should surely visit the place. Book your tickets with frontier airlines booking and get the best seats and at best prices for your next trip.

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