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Things You Should Know About Tanzanite Jewelry.


When you hear the term “tanzanite jewelry,” an image of a dazzling. A gemstone with a vitreous luster on its surface and. A blue shine that shifts to a purple hue will likely spring to mind.

This “December Gemstone” has been fairly popular among the jewelry. Enthusiasts worldwide over the past ten years. Largely because of its alluring elegance and the flaming blue beauty that it radiates.

In 2002, the American Gem Trade Association gave it the designation of December Birthstone.

Even though it is a relatively new gemstone on the market, it has risen to the level of priceless diamonds in popularity. Also, the extreme scarcity of it tends to be still another element that increases its value and high demand in the gemstone market.

Discover these 7 fascinating tanzanite jewelry facts that pique your curiosity in adorning the ethereal blue beauty of this pricey gemstone.

The Fascinating Story of Tanzanite’s Discovery

Manuel De Souza, an Indian tailor. Set off on an expedition to explore Tanzania, in search of priceless treasures like gold and diamonds.

He was walking in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro when. He came across a shiny material that was hidden deep in the ground and appeared to be extremely rare and beautiful.

After removing the stone, he concluded that it was too soft to be a sapphire or a diamond. That gem was later identified as the mineral zoisite, which is what modern tanzanite jewelry is called.

A Rich Variation of Zoisite Is Tanzanite

The color of tanzanite in its natural state is typically reddish-brown, which is very different from the stunning blue that it exhibits in jewelry.

It must have trace amounts of vanadium to increase its decorative value for jewelry creation. To do this, the tanzanite stone must undergo. A process in which it is heated to a temperature of roughly 600 C for a period of about 10 minutes.

The procedure transforms the stone into a remarkably beautiful one with a blue sheen on its surface, suitable for use in tanzanite jewelry on the market.

The amount of heat a piece of tanzanite jewelry has been exposed to will typically define its quality, like that sparkling tanzanite ring. The concentration of the purple hue that increases its value would be higher and deeper the more heat was provided.

Only The Merelani Hills In Tanzania Are Used For Mining Tanzanite.

Why do you think gemstone jewelry makers hold tanzanite jewelry in such high regard?

The limited availability of tanzanite, found only in the Merelani Hills in Tanzanian forests, attests to this value.

Mine workers must dig the mine deeper to recover more tanzanite to meet the increased demand as the market cries out for more tanzanite supplies.

Presently, the Tanzania government has ordered to go as deep as 800 meters in the ground. The mines are spread within an area of about 14 Miles only.

£2.4 Million for Finding the Biggest Tanzanite Rough Ever

Saniniu Laizer, a miner. Was working in the Merelani hills in 2002 when a sizable chunk of tanzanite obstructed the penetration of his digging apparatus.

The team’s never-ending efforts resulted in the extraction of two enormous pieces of tanzanite weighing 9.2 kg and 5.8 kg, respectively. The former was by far the heaviest and largest tanzanite ever found by humans.

The worker received a huge sum of £2.4 Million from the Tanzania Mining Ministry for this ground-breaking discovery of tanzanite.

The Biggest Carved Tanzanite is L’heure Bleu.

The largest carved tanzanite in the field of gemstone jewelry is L’heure Bleu, which renowned jewelry designer Naomi Sarna carved.

She found the piece of art in the Tanzanian hills, carved from a 725-carat tanzanite stone. She reached this milestone while competing in an international jewelry design competition.

The charming and gorgeous stone rests on a sterling silver base and. Was inspired by the winds of The Great Rift Valley.

The American Gem Trade Association gave the First-Place-Spectrum Award for the best item.

More Exotic than Diamonds?

Precious diamonds are thought to be 1000 times more common than tanzanite. Tanzanite is only available in the Meralani Hills of Tanzania, whereas diamonds are widely distributed throughout the globe.

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The Origin of Tanzanite in History

Millions of years ago the Earth was struck by a cataclysmic tectonic event. Created Mount Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley of Tanzania. Scientists now refer to it as the most sought-after jewel due to its extraordinary origin.

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