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This rising demand and undoubtedly the demand of setting and finding a sustainable and globally recognized communication model. Nowadays, you should be able to share your screen, can record the meetings or share thoughts via audio and video. Well, the hybrid meeting platform with its video and conference services helps many. This technology is not limited to internal meetings as it can also help you establish connections with people outside your company. You might want to have the option of having “face-to-face” meetings with clients who are located abroad. The last thing you need in such a situation is to struggle with a shaky connection or poor video. Stream, if you will, to gain respect! 

Let’s face it the traditional office setting is going the way of the dinosaur, with many businesses moving in the direction of open-air workplaces, bench-style seating, and bookable meeting spaces. Instead of using cubicle farms for their staff, employers are switching to collaborative, creative, and dynamic workspaces. Beyond aesthetics, there has been a profound transformation in productivity, staff involvement, and organizational culture. So, it’s been crucial to adopt a hybrid meeting platform and today we are discussing what are the features you need to look for. As the rising demands also open many companies and it’s necessary that you know what your requirements are. So, here we have concluded the top features you can choose the platform which offers all you require. 

Key features of Web Conferencing Platforms

There are numerous features you can find in a hybrid conference platform and many can be customized on the requirements. But we have concluded the core features which cannot be eliminated. 

Qualitative Audio & Video

The top three qualities for the majority of web conferencing users are audio and visual quality. High-quality video is a key element in achieving the goal of giving users the impression that they are truly conducting face-to-face talks with other participants. Any online conference will fail if there is latency in the video conferencing process, as well as if the images and sounds are distorted. Beyond the quality of your webcam or microphone, the software itself may have features that improve the quality of your interactions, such as noise cancellation, automatic muting for participants who aren’t speaking, and bandwidth-constrained user settings modifications.

Screen Sharing is Essential

Users can share their screens with other conference call participants. This is a feature that the majority of purchasers consider essential as online meetings become more interactive. Screen sharing needs to be of a high standard and simple to turn on and off. The option of having multiple users share their screens simultaneously is also gaining popularity, but not all tools available on the market have this functionality. Before subscribing, make sure to check that your favorite tool includes this feature if it’s crucial to your team.

Multiple Device Support is Useful

Web conferencing software has developed to keep up with the constantly changing methods in which employees interact with their work because people have busy lifestyles. Users want to be able to join meetings quickly and conveniently from a variety of devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets in addition to desktop computers. For many businesses, having online conference software with sophisticated mobile application features is essential. Web conferencing software should also provide mobile versions that are compatible with the desktop versions and as similar as feasible to make it easier for guest users to join meetings and implement them.

Simple User Interface

To ensure that online meetings go off without a hitch, usability is crucial. Whether they are in an office or on the go, participants must be able to swiftly and easily attend meetings. Furthermore, organizing meetings and administering them must be an easy process for hosts. Because it encourages participant engagement and participation, a well-designed user interface is essential. Nobody wants to painfully struggle to hang up a call or waste time searching for the “mute” button.

Chats Feature

Nowadays, chat is used for anything from texting to private communications on social media platforms. Participants in web conferences desire to be able to text each other during virtual meetings. In-meeting chat tools are intended to be used for more than just taking notes; they can also be used to silently share information with the host and other attendees without disrupting the meeting’s flow, particularly during Q&A sessions. Chat functionalities serve as an extra form of cooperation by enabling participants to communicate before and after the meeting.

Screen Recording 

Online meetings do have the drawback that not everyone can join at all times. Meeting recordings are helpful in this situation. Not only are recordings helpful for people who couldn’t attend, but they are also helpful for attendees to utilize as a resource after the meeting. Users should have unlimited recording access, however, many web conferencing platforms include file size restrictions that limit the number of meetings that may be recorded and kept.

To Sum Up

The list of features doesn’t end there. Although consumers ranked the aforementioned qualities as being the most crucial, you should also check that the service you choose has top-notch security and encryption capabilities. You might also want to think about whether it interfaces with other third-party collaboration software and your business phone system.

It will be crucial to have 24/7 customer support if you work for a large corporation. Finally, you may want to consider whether you’ll require a web conferencing tool that can be upgraded to a webinar tool based on the size of your firm or the nature of your web conferences.

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