Top Most Popular 5 Travel Destinations in Himachal Pradesh

travel destinations in Himachal

Himachal Pradesh, nestled in the great Himalayas, is a stunning state. The travel destinations in Himachal offers a charming setting for couples planning a honeymoon. Himachal offers you its scenic landscapes, serene valleys, snow capped mountains, and pleasant weather.

In short, it is truly a heaven for newly weds seeking a pleasant trip. The Shimla Manali honeymoon from Ahmedabad price may be in your budget. The state is dotted with charming hill stations, quaint towns, and scenic spots. They further create an ideal ambiance for love and togetherness.

In this blog, we will further explore the top five travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Above all, they offers a pleasant and joyful trip, filled with romance, thrill, and peace.

1: Shimla, As Queen of Hills

Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh, is a timeless favorite among couples. It offers its colonial charm, scenic landscapes, and pleasant climate.

The hill station of Shimla is further perched at an altitude of 2205 meters. It meanwhile offers stunning views of the nearby hills and valleys.

Firstly, begin your romantic journey with a calm stroll along the famous Mall Road. The Mall road of Shimla is lined with quaint shops, cozy cafes, and colonial buildings. Meanwhile, capture memories as you savor local dishes and shop for souvenirs.

For an exciting experience, take a ride on the Shimla Kalka Toy Train. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The is a slow chugging of the train, amidst pine covered hills and verdant valleys. Above all, it further offers a pleasant journey through the scenic landscape.

Meanwhile, draw some time to visit to the Jakhu Temple. This temple is firstly situated atop Jakhu Hill offers charming views of Shimla. Couples can further enjoy horse rides or trek to the hilltop for a sunset view.

Kufri, a short drive from Shimla, is a stunning hill station for thrilling couples. During the winter, the place turns into a snowy wonderland.

Winter makes it further perfect for skiing and tobogganing. In summer, Kufri offers chances for horse riding and hiking amidst the lush greenery.

2: Manali, A Lover’s Paradise

Manali, often called a Lover’s Heaven. Firstly, it is a dream spot for couples seeking both romance and thrill.

The Manali is having snow capped peaks shining rivers, and dense forests all around. In short, Manali offers an ideal setting for a honeymoon.

Begin your romantic journey with a visit to the Rohtang Pass. Situated at an altitude of 3978 meters, Rohtang Pass further offers stunning views.

The stunning views of the nearby mountains and glaciers create a charming climate. All these, meanwhile offers perfect setting for clicking pleasant moments.

For thrill loving couples, Solang Valley is a must visit region. It further offers a group of sports for example paragliding, zorbing, and quad biking. In short, Solang Valley offers a thrilling feel amidst the stunning Dhauladhar Range.

Above all, don’t miss a visit to the Hadimba Devi Temple, a unique wooden temple. This temple is further made for the local deity Hadimba, wife of Bhima. Having cedar forests, the temple’s ambiance meanwhile adds a touch of divinity to your honeymoon.

Vashisht Hot Springs which are located near Manali, offers a romantic setting for couples. They can further relax and rejuvenate in the natural hot water springs. Above all, these springs are amidst the backdrop of the Himalayas.

3: Dharamshala, The Serene Abode

Dharamshala is having a serene ambiance and Tibetan influence. It further offers a unique and divine experience for couples.

The town firstly serves as the home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Above all, It adds a divine touch to your journey.

After that, you must visit the Tsuglagkhang Complex. This complex further houses the Namgyal Monastery and the Dalai Lama’s home.

The complex meanwhile offers peace, and couples can take part in meditation sessions. Also you can simply enjoy calm moments amidst the prayer flags.

The Bhagsu Waterfall, a short trek from McLeod Ganj, is firstly a scenic spot. This scenic spot is further having lush greenery all around it. Meanwhile, visit the Bhagsunag Temple, near the waterfall, adds a divine aura of the place.

The charming town of McLeod Ganj, also known as Little Lhasa. Firstly, the town of Little Lhasa is a melting pot of Tibetan culture.

It further offers quaint cafes, colorful streets, and handicraft shops. Couples can spend romantic moments exploring the vibrant local culture.

For nature lovers, Triund Trek, a moderate trek is a great option. It further rewards you with stunning views of the Dhauladhar Range and the Kangra Valley. Above all, these valleys make it a perfect spot for a romantic picnic.

4: Dalhousie, A Colonial Charmer

Dalhousie is a region of colonial charm and stunning landscapes. It further offers an intimate and romantic setting for honeymoon couples.

The old world charm of Dalhousie gets mixed with its stunning vistas. Above all, this blend makes it a perfect region for couples seeking peace and romance.

Firstly, take a walk in the Khajjiar meadow, known as the Mini Switzerland of India. It further offers cedar forests and views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks. In short, the meadow creates a magical setting for couples to embrace their love.

Firstly, visit the St John’s Church, a building marvel dating back to the British era. The church’s unique stained glass windows further adds to the charm of the place.

All these things make it an ideal spot for couples. Above all, the couples can seek blessings for their journey.

Panchpula, a scenic spot located a short distance from Dalhousie. It is further known for its gushing streams and pleasant waterfalls. Above all, couples can enjoy a romantic picnic amidst the peace of nature.

Dainkund Peak, highest point in Dalhousie, offers stunning views of the nearby valleys and hills. Firstly, the couples can enjoy a walk to the peak, hand in hand. Along with that, they can further relish the tranquil ambiance.

5: Kasauli, Amidst the Mist

Kasauli is a hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh. The hill station of Kasauli further offers seclusion, misty ambiance, and stunning views for couples. Above all, the couples can seek an intimate and romantic trip there.

Firstly, visit the Monkey Point, the highest point in Kasauli. It further offers stunning views of the nearby valleys and the Sutlej River. Meanwhile, Couples can enjoy stunning sunsets while clicking joyful moments with each other.

The Gilbert Trail, is wrapped in mist and lined with pine trees. It further creates a surreal and dreamy ambiance. Couples can take a romantic walk along the trail, basking in the peace of nature.

After that, explore the Christ Church, reflecting the colonial structure of the region. The church’s serene ambiance and pleasant ambiance make it a perfect spot for couples. Meanwhile, the couples can spend quiet moments with each other.

The Sunset Point, as the name suggests, firstly offers stunning sunset views. During the evening, couples can witness the sun setting behind the hills. It further casts a warm glow over the town and creating a romantic setting.


Himachal Pradesh, offers stunning landscapes, serene valleys, and charming hill stations. In other words, it is a heaven for honeymoon couples. Each destination offers a unique and exciting experience.

They range from the colonial charm of Shimla to the thrill filled delights of Manali. You can feel the divine aura of Dharamshala with the peace of Dalhousie. Above all, the misty ambiance of Kasauli add to the romance of the journey.

Stroll along the Mall Road of Shimla, skiing in Solang Valley and meditate in Dharamshala. Enjoy a picnic in Khajjiar, or take a walk along the Gilbert Trail in Kasauli.

In other words, you will get some best travel destinations in Himachal Pradesh. A honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh is a journey of love and pleasure. The creation of pleasant moments will be treasured for a life time.

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