What Are The Causes Of Alopecia Areata And How Can You Cure It?

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Millions of people around the world tend to face the immensely problematic disease known as alopecia areata. What happens in the case of this disease is that the entire immune system gets compromised in the hair region, which leads to hair loss at large. With time, if left untreated, the number of hair that falls tends to increase a lot. Naturally, it will adversely impact the life of a person suffering from it. Fortunately, there is a solution to it, and it is known as transplant at large. Anyone suffering from this disease can decide to opt for a hair transplant in India. The possibilities for them will be great then. 

Hair loss can be very bad for an individual as it leads to a decrease in their overall self-confidence at large which then hampers their self-esteem and also makes them wary of social situations. Therefore, it is important to understand that hair loss can lead to a very problematic lifestyle. People might want to give up on life in such cases. Therefore, it is best to opt for a hair transplant for alopecia areata in this case so that such people do not have to face complications. If you are wondering what leads to this tremendous problem, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will try to figure out the causes of this disease. So read on to know more.

Genetic factors

Well, one thing that governs all of us is our genes. It is the same for every species out there and is kind of a universal biological truth to reckon with. Therefore, often what happens is that genetically some people become more prone to issues concerning hair loss. It is very difficult to avoid those circumstances as how will you even know this? Modern science hasn’t progressed so much yet to eliminate genetic predispositions like this. Thus in such situations, people must opt for hair transplant in India for the best results. This process is permanent and will improve your appearance. Your self-confidence will increase, and you will get renewed vigor in life. Moreover, the complications are very less, and you will not need many medicines as well. So for all these reasons, you should address hair loss with the hair transplant process.

Hormonal issues

There are often certain hormonal problems among people that impact their hair health. This leads to alopecia areata and, thus, eventually leads to hair loss. Hormones are important chemicals in our bodies, but their imbalance leads to numerous problems in the long run. Albeit medicines can keep issues in control, sometimes things do not turn out to be good at large. Therefore, in such situations, you must consider getting hair transplant for alopecia areata. This can be the only viable solution in this case that will cure this issue permanently thereby providing you with solace and a renewed life.

Certain medications

There are medications that often have unknown side effects. Even in certain cases, we know of the potential side effects of a drug but are still forced to take it due to the solution it offers for a much more complicated disease than alopecia areata, like maybe cancer. Therefore, in such situations, you cannot avoid a hair transplant process. This will be the only respite for you to prevent any mishap at large. Medications are needed in all kinds of medical processes, but that is not the case in a hair transplant process. Sure, there are some medications that you will need, but these are not excessive at large. 

Pregnancy time

Countless women get pregnant each year. So among these millions of women, hair loss is a very common issue. You see, during pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes, which leads to problems like hair loss. After the delivery of the baby, one might wish to get back to their old life. This is rather natural to reckon with, and therefore, in the post-partum stage; one might opt to get a hair transplant process to deal with this problem with due precision. Isn’t that fascinating? 


If there is one thing that we associate with modern life, it is stress, and you must surely know that millions of people around the world face stress. The devastating conditions of stress impact our bodies negatively as well as stress our minds. Eventually, a causal chain of reactions leads to hair loss in the long run. this then leads to the numerous problems we discussed above. See physicians across the world recommend people eliminate stress from life as much as possible. It is not desirable under any circumstance. But once you start suffering from hair loss, there is no looking back, and in such situations, only the hair transplant process can help. Thus you should then look for a reliable clinic where the best doctors work and proceed to get this process done for your good.


Alopecia areata is very common, leading to hair loss. As we explored here, numerous causes lead to this problem. But with the help of a hair transplant process, everything can be taken care of, and thus, this is the best cure out there. 

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