What Are the Murrah Buffaloes’ Most Common Diseases?

Animals are just like people in that they are easily infected; the only distinction is that we can tell while animals cannot. Those that raise cattle are aware of these illnesses and how to treat them; each ailment is unique, and so is the approach. Like buffaloes, cattle are the most contagious animals and are widely recommend as productive livestock for farmers. Even one of the best buffalo breeds in India, the Murrah buffalo, catches them often. One of the best is Murrah, first produced in Haryana and nearby areas like Delhi, Punjab, etc. The more milk that can be produce, the more money the farmers will make. Farmers make money each day by selling buffalo milk at a profit.

Haryana produces the best Murrah buffalo in the world for its strength, draught power, ability to withstand harsh weather, and other characteristics. As a result, this breed is call “black gold” in several world regions. Farmers frequently use Murrah to ensure their livestock receives vaccinations on time and remains disease-free. Some diseases can also harm humans. Thus, buffalo farmers must be familiar with infectious diseases and their treatments.

Types of Diseases 


Low serum magnesium levels in the blood cause the electrolyte imbalance known as hypomagnesemia. Various conditions, including chronic sickness, alcohol use disorders, gastrointestinal loss, renal loss, and other conditions, can cause hypomagnesemia. Small tremors, generalize weakness, cardiac ischemia, and even death can be brought on by hypomagnesemia.


This exceedingly contagious and harmful disease in cattle is brought on by the spore-forming, rectangular-structured bacterium known as Bacillus anthracis. Anthrax, which results in catastrophic bovine mortality, occurs everywhere. Typically, symptoms of the illness appear 4 to 7 days after consuming or inhaling the spores. Animals often encounter symptoms that appear and then vanish in a few days. When grazing on grassland, they frequently catch the illness by eating the disease-causing anthrax spores.

Black Quoter 

This bacterial disease, which kills livestock, is a serious ailment. Between the ages of 6 and 24 months, most cattle get sick. Moisture in the soil is the leading cause of these uncommon illnesses. The animal suffers from a high fever, respiratory difficulties, dullness, appetite loss, and an elevated heart and pulse rate.


The parasite rickettsia Anaplasmosis in cattle is brought on by the vector-borne, contagious blood diseases Anaplasma marginale and Anaplasma centrale. Yellow bag and yellow fever are other names for it. Ticks are the main vectors for transmitting this parasite, which infects red blood cells and causes severe anemia.


The disease mainly affects buffaloes and several other farmed and wild animals. Cattle, the animal most susceptible to the disease, often die within 10 to 15 days. Fever, erosive mouth sores, discharge from the nose and eyes, copious diarrhea, and dehydration are common symptoms in cattle. Fever (and oral sores), discharges, diarrhea, and death—the “famous 4Ds”—are typical clinical signs.


It is very contagious and infects pets or animals with cloven feet. Symptoms include fever, the formation of cysts, blisters, and sores in the udder, oral cavity, teats, and even on the dermis between the paws and above the hooves. Animals who have recovered from the illness have noticeable hoof and coat irregularities. In India, this ailment is widespread. Contaminated hay, liquid, or excrement can spread the virus unintentionally or directly. 

How Do You Treat Animal Diseases?

Cattle sometimes go through a lot, requiring constant care. To provide them with the finest care, you, as a farmer, must always be present for them and make a doctor’s appointment. Online veterinarian services are now readily available, so you don’t have to worry about your animals receiving the best care.

How Do You Get Veterinary Services at Home?

A new user might be wary of calling a doctor from an online source, but it is the finest thing you can do for your cattle. Some concerned individuals have created apps like MeraPashu360 that let you purchase animals online and swiftly access veterinarian treatments.


Every living thing, including humans and animals, has the right to the best medical attention and care when they are ill. One of the most helpful and humane cattle, buffaloes, have shown to be profitable for farmers. As a result, you should regularly check your cattle to ensure they’re in good condition. MeraPashu360 is the best online cattle platform where you get the best buffalo in India, Murrah buffalo. This platform is helpful for every beginner. 

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