What Exactly Is A Webinar?


The webinar is a combination of the words “web” and “seminar.” A webinar is a virtual conference that only draws viewers from the internet. It differs from a webcast in this way since a webcast also has a live audience. Web events, online seminars, webcasts, web lectures, and virtual events are other words that are used as substitutes for webinars.

Webinar platforms are usually a key point of interest for many organizations due to their effective nature of coordinating with lots of people at a time virtually from anywhere and in real-time. There are many pros to using such technology and advanced tools in industries for an array of purposes like training, workshops, mentorships, product demos, meetings, interaction, education, and a lot more.

Many marketers even believe that online webinar platforms are the new source of marketing tools and can be used to boost sales and generate potential leads. But before going deep and knowing its advantages and effectiveness. Let’s reveal the query about what exactly is a webinar.

How Does it Webinar Platform Function?

Webinars usually referred to as seminars or online classes, are presented on a certain day and time in real-time. The speaker is speaking directly to the audience during this development, just as at any face-to-face engagement, and audience members can respond or ask questions when it is their turn. If they choose not to speak at any point, they can use the open microphone or simply listen to what others are saying. You can take part from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone as long as it has the required software installed or a web-based webinar. Additionally, you can host a protected webinar session for those who have registered for. By offering the password user can enter it and enables connection to the speaker’s programme.

What is it for?

A webinar serves the same purpose as a seminar in that it allows participants to learn about a topic, then ask questions and engage in discussion about it later. However, event live streaming services have established themselves as a highly valuable tool for networking, for instance, across a wide range of industries, as well as a venue for sharing data or documents. Due to their adaptability, webinars have been used in the academic setting, and many students utilize them to access lectures or workshops without physically being there or even listening to them later. When it comes to their own staff and online training, many businesses use it to segment content and make it available to them both.

How can a webinar be efficiently promoted?

There are many benefits of using online webinar services. As it offers numerous benefits while offering a deep sense of credibility to your organization and standing it out of the crowd in various places. As you learn many of the things above, it’s now time to learn how to promote it to get more viewers. So, look at these steps.

Set up a hashtag

It is without a doubt one of the tools employed the most for promotion. Create a brief, straightforward presentation with a memorable topic for each webinar or one that applies to all of them.

Guest post

Look through various blogs and post the link to your webinar on the ones that are the most pertinent. Naturally, we would advise you to select pages that will enable you to subsequently draw in potential customers.


We advise providing a link to your webinar to your subscriber list if you have one. Additionally, you can use a webinar platform that offers automated mail, before and after the session.

How important social media is

Social networks are the only platforms in use today that draw a sizable audience. You must therefore publish your links on each of them in order to benefit from their reach. Be innovative and vary how you promote your products. Changing the headers is one illustration of this.

Facebook groups

Okay, so it’s a social network, but it needs to be distinguished from the competition because of how busy its groups are and how they may drive high-quality traffic to your website.

Using the email signature

Have you ever given any thought to the volume of emails you send each day? It is quite typical to add contact and interest information about the sender when composing an email. As a result, we advise adding a call to action or a link to your webinar.

Mentions in your blog

Make content highlighting the benefits of your products. You are completely free to express yourself here, but don’t forget to pique attention and build expectations.


You currently have all the free options, so we’ll add a premium option where, in exchange for a small financial commitment, you may use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads to reach a larger audience.

It’s time to go to work because you already know how to spread the buzz about your webinar to as many people as possible. If you heed our advice, you’ll see that your audience keeps growing and that the success of your courses is assured.

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