What is Flickr?

What is Flickr?

Founded by Ludicorp in 2004, Flickr is an image hosting service that was initially geared towards amateur photographers, who wanted to host high-resolution photographs for their own use. Now, Flickr is an online community where people can view and share photos, videos, and other digital content.

SmugMug vs Flickr

Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur, or simply want to have a place to store your photos, you need to understand the differences between SmugMug and Flickr. Neither service is free, and both require subscriptions.

SmugMug is more focused on professionals and businesses, while Flickr is more geared toward the amateur and blogging generation. SmugMug allows you to sell photos through the site, while Flickr doesn’t.

SmugMug users have access to a community of fellow photographers. It’s easy to browse other people’s images and share your own. There are many groups you can join. You can also set up a guest pass to allow other people to see your photoset.

SmugMug has templates that are easy to use and are designed to showcase your photos in their best light. You can edit your text, watermarks, and backgrounds, and remove or reposition blocks in the template.

SmugMug is also known for its ability to host online galleries. This is a great feature if you’re looking to sell prints. There are also forums dedicated to photography techniques and Photoshop. SmugMug offers many other features, such as an auto-uploading app that can upload photos from your phone or desktop.

SmugMug also provides more options for storage. You can keep up to 10000 images on the free account, but there are also paid options for more storage. SmugMug offers unlimited storage of RAW files. This is ideal if you’re a professional photographer.

The upload limit for a free account is increased from 20 MB to 100 MB per month

Until the last couple of years, Flickr’s free account had a limit of 20 MB of upload space per month. This was then upgraded to 100 MB. This is like filling up a swimming pool with water that has been limited.

It also allows users to post pictures to photostreams through email attachments. In the future, Flickr will also enable people to share SD and HD videos.

For now, though, Flickr has a limit on how many photos and videos can be uploaded to a free account. For the most part, this limit is small.

For a free account, the maximum number of photos you can add is only a few hundred. However, it is possible to set your own limits. For example, you can ensure that only family members and friends can view your photos. You can also restrict your photos to only download. You can also create a set for your photos, which are grouped together by occasion or event.

Among other things, Flickr has a search engine, which is good for tracking visitors. The site has over 100 million accounts, a staggering amount of data. In 2010, Flickr reported hosting more than 5 billion images.

Earlier this year, Flickr announced a partnership with Getty Images to allow users to share their stock photos on the platform. This is a nice move by the company and will help them attract new customers.


Creating a Flickr group is just one of the many ways you can interact with fellow Flickr members. You can add photos to your group, post discussions, and view the group’s history.

There are several types of groups to choose from, including invitation-only, public, and private. Some are better suited for a specific use case than others. You can even create ad hoc groups for sharing photos after an event.

You can also appoint moderators to help you keep your group on track. In addition to the obvious, you can make your group private or set restrictions.

You can even set up an award to go to the best photo in the group. There are even more cool tricks up Flickr’s sleeve. You can create multiple albums in a single group. You can also use the Flickr Uploadr tool to upload photos directly to your group.

The Flickr app for Android has recently received an update. This includes fixes for issues related to importing photos.

The company has also released the aforementioned new Group APIs. The aforementioned features include a group’s “Justified view”, which reveals a collage-like grid of group photos and an associated slideshow. It’s also worth mentioning that group pools can be displayed in multiple formats. This is particularly convenient for groups that have a large number of members.

The actual number of photos uploaded to a group might not be as big as you would hope. However, topical diversity in a group’s photo library is often a good indicator of its long-term viability.

One-click sharing button to add photos to a group

Adding photos to a group on Flickr is a simple process. Depending on the size of your photo, it can take some time.

Adding photos to a group on Flickr allows you to view your photos on a variety of devices. This includes desktop and mobile browsers, as well as any other web browser that is capable of viewing photos. This means that you can share your photos easily with friends and family.

If you want to add photos to a group on Flickr, you can log in to your account and select Add Photos from the menu. You will be prompted to enter an authorization code. This code is sent to you when you click “Add Photos.”

When you are ready to upload your photos, you can choose a photo size and whether or not you wish to set a privacy setting. You can also add titles and descriptions to your photos later. You can also send your photos to a website or to a personal email address.

If you are sharing your photos with a group, you can choose how to customize the group’s appearance. You can control who is allowed to see photos, how long they are displayed for, and what tags are used to identify your photos. You can even geotag your photos. This will allow other members of the group to see where the pictures were taken.

Statistics on Flickr

You can view Flickr statistics whether you’re a free member or a Pro account member. This provides an overall look at how you’ve used the site, including how often you’ve viewed specific pictures. There are also statistics that show how people are finding your photos. You can see how many times someone has viewed an image, as well as how many comments were made.

In addition to viewing statistics on individual images, you can view stats for collections, sets, and all your photos. For example, you can see which photos have been viewed the most over the past month. You can also see how many of your photos have been liked, commented on, or favored.

You can also find out which images have been viewed by “Other Sites,” which are typically websites that link to your Flickr photos. You can see how many people have visited these sites and the search terms they used to find your pictures.

You can also view Stats for the last 30 days. You’ll be able to view a line graph of the view trends over the last thirty days. You can click on the “All Photos” link to find out which photo is most popular today, or to see which picture is most popular all time.

You can also find out how many tags, groups, sets, favorites, and other tags have been added to your photos. This information is a good indication of what people are looking for and can help you improve your images.

People on Flickr

Whether you want to share your photos or videos with the world, Flickr is an online community that offers a place to do so. It’s a place where you can find people you know, follow other photographers, and create groups. It’s also a community where you can discover new and interesting people.

Whether you are looking for beautiful landscapes, artistic portraits, or striking architecture, Flickr has an image for you. You can use the Explore feature to search by categories, keywords, and other advanced filters. Alternatively, you can search by people or groups.

If you want to post your own photos on Flickr, you’ll need to create a profile. Once you do, you’ll be able to add a bio and profile picture, and you’ll have the ability to search for and contact other users. You can also edit your account, add tags to your pictures, and edit your geolocation settings.

While Flickr has some features to keep spam from entering the site, you should consider blocking someone. You can do so by sending a message to their profile.

If you block a user, they won’t be able to see your photos. You can then view their profile, read their comments, and look at their profile images. Depending on the person you are blocking, their profile may show up in the Popular section or not. This could be confusing.

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