What Is Remarketing How You Can Use It for Your Business


You have probably seen advertisements on the internet for services or products that you searched for. You might be asking yourself why I see this image. Remarketing campaigns are a great way to get the word out about what you’re doing. 

This is the act of contacting people who have visited our website before but have not yet completed the action.

When I went to Facebook the next day, I saw the same advertisement as yesterday. I also noticed a banner advertising the shoes in the newspaper. So, How does advertising on Facebook work? These impressions were due to the setting up of a remarketing program.

What is the purpose of remarketing campaigns?

This campaign’s main goal is to get users who are already familiar with us to recall their memories and “press” them to take action. This could be asking for information or purchasing a product the user “took his eyes off of her”, but didn’t decide to purchase.

How remarketing campaigns work

To make a positive impact on your website visitors, you must first set up your remarketing audience. You will need to configure the lists depending on the channel through which you wish to run your campaigns.

  • Google Ads. You must first define the source of your remarketing. To install the tag, use Google TagManager. After the tag is installed, all you need to do is configure your remarketing lists. You can either have one that’s generic on the web, or one that’s specific.
  • Facebook Ads. To measure all traffic, install the Facebook pixel. Once the Facebook pixel has been measured, you can set up your remarketing lists to target specific visitors.
  • This allows you to segment your remarketing lists and direct ads more precisely. Similar functionality can be used for other social networks such as Twitter and Linkedin. Also, learn how to put a promotion on LinkedIn.

The advantages of remarketing campaigns

Remarketing audiences are people who know you. These campaigns allow you to re-impact users who have already visited your site after the first step. This is because they are more likely to take action than someone who doesn’t know your company.

These campaigns also allow you to create a multichannel strategy that impacts the same user across multiple media channels. A user may have accessed our website via a Google Ads campaign.

Tips to help you with your remarketing campaign

It is not enough to show the product or service to users to encourage them to make a purchase. Here are some tips to encourage purchase:

  • Offer a discount Consider your customer. He was ready to purchase those shoes, but he hasn’t yet. How about a discount for you? This can be your final push to purchase the product.
  • You offer an additional service. You can offer an additional service if your product is a service.
  • Offer a promotion. You can also offer a discount or extra gift to encourage the user to purchase. You could offer free shipping or 2×1.

Still don’t run remarketing campaigns? You may be losing effectiveness with your campaigns. Do not wait to set up your sources and remarketing list and begin influencing your customers to increase sales.

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