Many people have trouble selling their homes because they don’t realize that the home’s appearance has a huge impact on how quickly is sells and how much it sells for. Making your house appealing to purchasers is the finest thing you can do to sell it. Home staging may help you get the most money out of your home, whether you’re selling it or just want to clean up before guests arrive.

Buyers may find it difficult to imagine themselves living in a space that is cluttered or has an outdated interior design. Staging a home is an option and can be one of the greatest determinants of how quickly you’ll sell your home, especially if you’re in a competitive real estate market.

What is home staging precisely, and how can you tell whether it’s perfect for you?


Home staging, or simply staged homes, is the act of strategically transforming a home to make it appear more livable. It’s a way for homeowners to show off their property without going through the hassle of putting everything together themselves!

Some people find it a little too much work – but if you’re looking for a quick fix before listing your house on the market, then this might be worth considering! And if you’re not sure whether to list your house yourself or hire a realtor, remember that both options have pros and cons so weigh them out carefully.


The goal of staging is to create an environment that will appeal to buyers, making it easy for them to imagine themselves living in that environment or home. Home staging is a short-term fix – the items you use are rented from a home staging company or are relatively inexpensive to purchase.

For example, if you have any decorative vases, get rid of old flowers, and replace them with fresh ones. If you have curtains on the windows, make sure they’re clean and put them back up neatly. Have all the appliances plugged in so people can see how well they work. Remove personal pictures from tables and counters so there’s more room for potential buyers to envision their memories being made there.


Home staging consists of strategies designed to improve the marketability of residential properties by modifying the home’s physical appearance. A recent study revealed that sellers have been able to sell their Southern California homes for an average of $8,000+ when staging is done by a professional. However, many people may be wondering whether this is worth it as nationally, it can cost an average of $5,000 to stage a home.

Those who are on the fence about this might want to consider how much they plan on selling their house before deciding if they want to go through with it. If you’re expecting your post-staged property value to increase significantly, then this could be well worth your investment.

For example, if you are looking to sell your house for around $100,000 to move up in size and location, then a $5,000 investment in staging could help maximize your sale price. Likewise, if you live near a popular tourist destination where demand is high year-round due to its proximity to popular attractions such as mountains or beaches, then investing in home staging may also prove to be worthwhile.

How Much Does Home Staging Cost?

Depending on where you live, staging a home can be as low as $1500 and goes up depending on your location, square footage, and other factors. Larger homes requiring more furniture can be as high as $12,000-$15,000. Home staging prices can vary because different components may be included, such as painting or staging furniture.

The amount of square footage that needs to be furnished will also impact the cost. If you’re only redoing one room, it will take less time than if you have a four-bedroom house with each room needing work. An average hourly rate is usually between $80-$150 per hour. There are plenty of factors that can affect how much someone charges for their services. For example, designers tend to charge more because they typically have more experience with home makeovers and executing design elements like color schemes and furniture placement.

To get an idea on how much home staging costs in a larger city like Los Angeles, we reached out to Mid Modern Designs, a Los Angeles home staging company. Julien Bortz at Mid Modern Designs told us that, in Los Angeles, home staging typically runs between $3,000-$10,000 but that they have staged LA homes where fees were as high as $12,000-$15,000. “While most small to medium -sized homes & condos typically cost $4,500-$9,000, larger homes may be $10,000 or higher”, Julien says.


There’s been an uptick in people looking for tips on how to make their homes more attractive to prospective buyers; home staging can be a great solution – using the service of a professional home stager ensures the quality of furniture and appliances will stay high.

If you cannot afford a full professional staging, there are several more economical options to consider. For example, you could request a consultation in which a stager comes to your home and makes recommendations on how to make the most of your space while leaving you with the work of arranging and fixing yourself.

You might also get ideas for staging your home by asking friends or relatives for suggestions on new furniture configurations. Alternatively, you might be able to temporarily borrow furniture or décor from friends and relatives to reduce costs.

Most importantly, remember that just because one aspect of the room doesn’t look perfect doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth showing!

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