Where to Get Free Textbooks for College 


Students worldwide have been facing several challenges to complete their degrees, including financial problems, mental health concerns, substance abuse, and unemployment. The persistently increasing costs of textbooks have increased their problems, making them dependent on financial aid and loans. Many students borrow money to pay for their educational expenses, particularly for books. The digitalization of books has provided some relief to learners. Here we have discussed both digital and paper books and their free resources. Read on to pick the most suitable option to get free textbooks for college.      

How to get free textbooks for college

Apart from the brick-and-mortar bookshops and campus libraries, there are certain websites for college textbooks free. These websites provide the best way to get free textbooks for both learners and instructors. If you do not want to read online, you can download textbooks for free on your smartphone to carry them anywhere. If you like to read paper books, you can get hard-copy books from the given website as well. 


SolutionInn is not like other popular websites for eBooks. It is one of its types and is recommended to those students who are looking for hard-copy books for free. The website mainly provides textbook solutions to students providing them with study help in the most affordable packages. The service program initiated its free textbook program back in 2019 and since then, it has provided thousands of free textbooks to students from the US and Canada. College students can get free textbooks from the platform by placing an order, and the company delivers the book to them in the shortest possible time. 

Library Genesis

Library Genesis provides free access to a vast collection of books, articles, and other scholarly materials. The website has been widely used by students, researchers, and academics around the world. They do not have access to or cannot afford the materials they need for their studies. The textbooks available on this website are in different languages and formats, so you can easily pick up the suitable option. It also provides free college textbook PDFs. It does not provide a hard copy of the free books, so you will have to rely on the digital format.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a great option to get free textbooks online, including college textbooks and books available in the public domain. It hosts thousands of books that are available to read, download, modify, and distribute. All the material provided by the website is free from copyright issues. If you like reading online and can easily learn from the downloaded material, Project Gutenberg is a better choice for finding your read.


OpenStax is a non-profit organization that aims to provide high-quality and affordable books to students. The website provides access to a wide range of textbooks, including subjects such as science, math, physics, chemistry, and social sciences among others. The textbooks are created and distributed by the service provider. They are available under creative commons licenses and can be used for free. 

Open Textbook Library

Open Textbook Library is an open education resource that is being used by students from all across the world. The books available on the website are licensed by authors and publishers. So students can easily make use of the academic material available there. The website only offers digital books and does not provide paper books. You can also use this resource to get free textbooks online pdf.

Google Books

Google initiated a project for the digitizing of books available online and those available in libraries from all across the world. It is a valuable resource for students and researchers to get free access to the needed material. Like many other platforms, Google books also provide free access to digital and eBooks and does not offer print copy books.

The Bottom Line

Getting free textbooks has never been easier thanks to textbook transformation and platforms like SolutionInn that still understand the importance of paper books. Every reader has their own choice of book and this read hopefully satisfies all the readers. If you like digital books, you can find the required book using assignment help Project Gutenberg or similar platforms. The diehard fans of paper books can take help from SolutionInn or OpenStax.   


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