Who Is the Wework Current CEO?

The Wework company has recently announced that actor Cameron Lautner will become the next CEO. He will take the helm of the company in April 2022. This is an exciting moment for Wework. It will be interesting to see how the company’s culture will evolve under Lautner’s leadership.

Cameron Lautner

Wework Current CEO Cameron Lautner has a calm, cold personality. He is the company’s new CEO, and apparently, he hates Adam Neumann. He promised that he would make things better for Wework, but in reality, he is a cold, distant person. He has a lot of reasons for wanting the job, but the main one maybe that he is jealous of Neumann’s success.

Lautner is loosely based on a Benchmark partner. The character is similar to the real-life Benchmark partners complaining about Neumann’s transactions and methods. While the movie version is fictionalized, the real-life counterparts were unhappy with Neumann’s methods.

Adam Neumann stepped down as WeWork’s CEO after the startup was losing money. Lautner was hired to turn things around, but he had no idea that the company would go bankrupt in under two months. As a result, he accused Masa of stealing some of his shares from Adam.

Adam Neumann

Adam Neumann has been described as Rebekah’s soul mate. He once credited her with teaching him about business’s “soul” side. After WEWORK went public, Neumann relocated to Israel, where he negotiated a better deal with SoftBank. Although he hid out during the pandemic, he was recently pictured with a pizza box and standing next to a rabbi.

WeWork was once a wildly popular office space-sharing company, but the company has been in decline since Neumann left. Now, he seems poised for a comeback. His story has inspired numerous articles, books, and even a television drama starring Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway. Neumann has made headlines again this week with a new venture focused on apartment living.

Neumann has been criticized for his hard-core drinking habits, including a fondness for tequila. While the WeWork CEO has denied this, his company’s locations were known to stock tequila. He once offered prospective employees a tequila shot in an interview with the company, which later banned the practice. He has also been accused of attempting to expand into residential apartments with his WeLive venture.

Rebecca Neumann

Rebekah Neumann, the current CEO of WeWork, started as a writer and producer. She later got hired as a “strategic thought partner” at WeWork, and in 2017 she was named their Chief Brand and Impact Officer. In addition to overseeing the company’s brand and social initiatives, Neumann also started an elementary school in Chelsea. While she has never been accused of sexual harassment or discrimination, Neumann’s comments are controversial.

The company’s first two co-founders were Adam and Rebecca Neumann. In 2017, they were joined by a third co-founder Rebekah Paltrow Neumann. Despite the high-profile collapse, Neumann and Paltrow Neumann are still in the business, but it’s unclear what their following plans will be. Adam Neumann, the company’s founder, is still based in New York. He’s working on a secret venture. However, in 2022, he purchased $17 million of ground-floor retail space in Florida and two high-rise apartment buildings in Miami. One theory is that Neumann and Paltrow are planning to re-launch WeLive, a spinoff that was supposed to offer co-living units in the company’s spaces.

WeWork was once worth $47 billion but has since been valued at a fraction of its former value. The company went public in 2021 and was worth between $9 billion and $47 billion at that time. During its initial years, Rebekah Neumann and her husband, Adam Neumann, were a couple of rich people. Sadly, the company went through a series of issues during its rise to prominence, which led to a decline in its stock price.

Miguel McKelvey

You’re not alone if you were wondering where Miguel McKelvey has been hiding these days. The former WeWork CEO has been quiet on social media and hasn’t given interviews in a long time. Since the controversy broke, his whereabouts have been more closely watched. However, he has been active in two other ventures. One is NAYAH, a company that aims to build true community power, shared wealth, and holistic wellbeing for minorities.

While Miguel McKelvey cofounded WeWork with Adam Neumann, he has since left the company. During his tenure at WeWork, he’s amassed a multibillion-dollar net worth. Now, he’s involved with a startup called Known. This new coworking company focuses on financial inclusion in communities of color.

McKelvey is also an advisor at Known Holdings, founded in 2021. This company has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a leader in the coworking space industry. He has worked for the company in several capacities, including as the Chief Culture Officer.

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