Why Should You Plan a Trip to Detroit

Detroit brings a splendid ambiance for visitors as it is known as the City of Innovation. You might not know several things before you get into the details of the city. The outlandish part of this metropolitan city will amaze visitors with its charming architecture, art, and unique infrastructure. 

The city is also known for its innovation of techno music, which was the sensation of the late 1980s. Three charismatic personalities have sowed the seed of the techno music style. Belle Isle Park in Detroit is the biggest inner-city island park spread across 405 hectares of land. 

The park opened to the public as the first city park in Detroit in 1880. Moreover, more than 60 acres of the land feature a sports playground, a natural zoo, a golf course, and a greenhouse for kids’ entertainment. 

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5 Impressive Attractions in Detroit

Brussels Airlines recommends adding these 5 chicest destinations to your Detroit itinerary. You should not miss these 5 gem destinations in Detroit. 

  1. Visit the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant to Experience The Past

Travelers who are passionate admirers of motorcars must plan a visit to Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. You can feel the thrill of swiftly moving cars on the track and forget all the tiredness of your Brussels Airlines booking journey to reach Detroit.

It is a top sightseeing destination for people who want to know the history of the ford automobile. Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is the most ancient ford factory in the world, and it offers tourists a tour to witness the ancient history of America. 

The former employees of ford manage the site and guide people about different aspects of the place.

  1. Go to Ford Field to See a Match

Detroit is an ideal destination for sports, cars, and art enthusiasts. You can explore ford field and witness Detroit’s national football team practicing here on the field and improving their stamina. 

The perfect time for sports lovers to visit Detroit and enjoy the authoritative sports season starts from September to January. The elite excursion and multi-operative events include truck events, live music concerts, and entertainment events. 

You can experience this non-obvious experience using Brussels Airlines tickets and enjoy a comfortable and affordable air travel journey to Detroit. 

  1. Explore the Detroit Zoo for an entire day

Detroit zoo is the most fun-oriented place to visit with family and groups. The zoo welcomes tourists from every corner and has several fun attractions to make their trip more memorable. It is one of the best Zoos in the US to catch sight of exotic animals, birds, and plant species. 

The zoo has covered 50 hectares in the Royal Oak trees avenues. Strolling down the sylvan paths under the shade of trees is a green retreat for travelers. It is a spacious zoo, preserving over 200 species of birds with more than 2500 animals in it. 

The zoo greets visitors on open ground and offers a space for children to enjoy their vacation in their style using the book a flight Brussels airlines. It influences viewers to communicate with slim and giant species and imparts the value of protecting wildlife and their habitats among children. 

  1. Detroit Institute of Arts

Detroit Institute of Arts is a worth-a-stop destination for avid art lovers. It is one the most splendid art museums in the nation, preserving an extensive collection of art and paintings. This museum showcases multiple facets of humankind’s artistic process to fill your soul with inquisitiveness and imagination. 

It is an immense cultural resource in one of Michigan’s greatest significant cities that gives insight into the history and artistic traditions of the city. There are many outstanding artworks inside the museum from across the globe. The museum preserves art, especially from America, Africa, Europe, and Asia is available in the museum.

  1. Detroit Historical Museum

Detroit is a treasure box packed with magical destinations to keep travelers full of life from dusk to dawn. History buffs can explore the mesmerizing architecture and significant events related to history at the Detroit Historical Museum. 

It is situated just next to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The museum displays information about the development of Michigan as a business epicenter and delivers inclusive details of the city’s progress over time. 

What’s More to Explore?

Detroit is a stunning destination to explore with family and friends and enjoy a romantic gateway for couples. You can witness the spectacular landscape at the confluence of Lake St. Clair with Lake Erie at the Detroit River. 

You will be amazed to know that Detroit has been the prime location for many famous films. These films include Freaks and Geeks, Evil Dead, and many more. So, pack your bags and fill your souls with enthusiasm to explore the unexplored beauty of Detroit with Brussels Airlines flight reservation

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