Working On Assignments: Use The Top Tools For Writing

In the current framework of academic programs, students spend nearly 70% of their time working on different academic papers. Since students have to deal with academic papers on a daily basis, they need to look for ways to simplify the process, but the question is how? The best approach to make the process faster and easier is to find effective online writing tools.

There are so many different types of writing tools, but not all are up to the standard, so one need to pick the tools carefully so that they can prove to be helpful when required. Technology has evolved, which has led to the development of various tools like HBS referencing generator, plagiarism checker, editing tools, writing tools, etc. here are a few writing tools that students can opt for.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think about writing tools is Evernote. It is a free online writing tool that offers you a high-end text editor to write any kind of paper, format it, and edit them.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to save all the files in a single place and is no risk of losing any information.

You can access the files from anywhere you want and from any device. Additionally, you get access to high-level features that can help you produce top-notch content.

Here you can develop quick notes and audio files, save images and attach them directly to the to-do list and notes. However, most of these features are only available for premium users.

Plagiarism checker

Another top tool that comes in handy is a plagiarism checker; whether you are a student or a budding writer, using an online plagiarism checker can help you develop 100% original content in no time.

Students often fail to deliver flawless academic papers, which leads to losing grades and, at times, rejection of papers.

Are you wondering why your papers are plagiarised? If you think for a bit, you will realise that while writing an academic paper, you sometimes forget to cite the sources, or you simply copy-paste the details without changing them in your own words.

So use an online plagiarism checker and ensure its originality.


Another brilliant platform that is more like an online dictionary is the thesaurus. It enhances your vocabulary, allows you to search for accurate terms, you can learn about the definitions, and find out synonyms and antonyms of a specific word along with related words.

Moreover, as a student, you are not only tested for your knowledge but your writing ability, so whenever you use the thesaurus, you are proving your ability to learn and prove that you can produce impeccable papers.


Another address where you can find pretty much everything related to a course in Mendeley. You can access any information that you need. There are sources to collect and organise information and cite every academic paper.

Moreover, you can share and save your files with ease. There is more to come; you can connect and collaborate with researchers from across the world and learn about the latest jobs in the field of technology and science.

It is basically a one-stop shop for students; no more worrying about citing sources incorrectly because it has got you covered.

Google docs

Google can be your best study buddy when it comes to assistance in writing academic papers. Google docs are one of Google’s products that are best when you want to collaborate with multiple people.

For instance, when working on a group project, you need a place where everyone can contribute and access the document without having to face technical glitches.

Google docs allow you and multiple users to work on a document from anywhere and at any time. Even when you are not writing with multiple people, you can write in google docs as it automatically saves the file.


Have you ever wondered what grade level your writing is? Readable can help you understand it. This website allows writers to identify the readability of their papers, and it also offers help with spelling, grammar, etc.

It gives you information about your content, like the number of adverbs, syllables in words, and more. Students can use this tool to decode complex sentences and ensure it has all the qualities to make the content readable.

Wrapping it up,

Students can use different online tools to enhance their academic writing services, including various types of calculators, like reflection calculators, to develop accurate papers. Online tools have made it possible for students to take the burden off their shoulders by reducing the pressure and making writing less tedious.

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