10 Best Teams In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Ranked


In Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, these ten teams are very good.

Final Fantasy is a series that has spawned a lot of different, sometimes better, games. Final Fantasy Type-0 was a step in the right direction. It was about a school full of talented students who get caught up in a pointless war and watch their lives waste away around them. It’s one of the more grown-up Final Fantasy games, so fans should check it out.

With the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on PS Plus Extra, there’s no better time for fans to try out this amazing game and find out why it was such a big hit when it came out on the PSP. Because there are so many playable characters, it’s clear that some squads will work better together than others. Keeping this in mind, here are the best teams players can make in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

King, Sice, Eight

Most of the time, players will be best served by a team that can deal damage both up close and from a distance and has strong magic at its disposal. This is a good reason to check out King, Sice, and Eight.

Even so, this trio is a little bit unbalanced because they do most of their damage up close. Even though King might use Twin Pistols. His skills are better in close combat, so this team is fun but not very useful.

Ace, Eight, Nine

Ace from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Ace is the game’s main character, and he’s good at both offense and defense. So he’s a pretty well-rounded party member. The best way to get the most out of him is to put him with someone who is good at both magic and melee.

Of course, sometimes players just want to have fun beating up enemies without caring about anything else. This is possible with Eight’s Knuckles and Nine’s Lance. Which let players take a lot of damage with these two characters while Ace takes potshots from the back row.

Jack, Rem, King

Rem in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

Rem is one of the best party members in the game. Her Dual Daggers do a lot of damage, and her Manalchemy ability heals everyone’s mana. Because she can go with anyone, it’s easy to find a match for her.

Jack and King may not be the best people for her to work with, but they do the job. Just remember that Jack is very slow in battle, so it may not be worth the trouble to use him.

Cater, Sice, Trey

Playable characters in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

Cater, Sice, and Trey make up one of the most powerful and well-balanced groups in the game. The mix of magic, close-range, and long-range attacks keeps enemies on their toes and helps players come up with great plans.

Still, these characters can be hard to control at first, which makes it hard to use them well in battle. This is especially true for Sice, though players who learn how to use all of her moves will be happy with how powerful the Scythe really is.

Rem, Trey, Cinque

Party Members in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

If players don’t know how to use them right, slow melee fighters can be very bad. This is why it can be hard to play as Cinque. Who moves so slowly with her mace that it looks like she’s stuck in molasses.

This is why having Rem and Trey helps, since they can make up for her weaknesses. Both of these characters are thought to be the best party members in the game for a reason.

King, Machina, Deuce

Queen in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

Players can mess around with Machina’s Dual Rapiers, which are great weapons with fun moves. When used with the King’s Twin Pistols, this makes most fights easy.

Even though Deuce might not be the best at dealing damage in the group. His buffs and support skills more than make up for it. Even though Deuce can seem weak at first, people who have played Final Fantasy Type-0. Before know how valuable he is as a party member.

Ace, Sice, Seven

Ace and Sice in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

Seven is pretty good at using her great Whipblade, and she can also do great magic. This makes her a great member of the group. But in battle, her weaknesses need to be covered up as well.

Ace and Sice come into the picture at this point. The first one can weaken enemies with his ranged attacks. While the second one’s powerful Scythe attacks can easily slice and dice through most enemies.

Sice, Deuce, Queen

The students in Final Fantasy Type-0 Cropped

Deuce isn’t very good at dealing damage to other party members, so it’s best to put him with someone who can make up for his lack of skill in this area. Here is where Sice and her huge Scythe come into play.

The Queen is the last member of this group. She is well-balanced and can do damage both with her hands and with magic. Even though this party isn’t great at dealing damage from a distance, what makes it so interesting in Final Fantasy Type-0 is how much damage it can do thanks to Deuce’s buffs.

Trey, Queen, Rem

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD ps4

By this point, it should be abundantly evident that Trey and Rem are two of the strongest characters in Drive Mad game, with the former’s Bow being highly effective for ranged strikes and the latter boasting the versatility of quick Twin Daggers as well as multiple great support skills.

These two would complement pretty much everybody at the party, and Queen is no exception. Her Divine Judgment is a great ability that does good damage to enemies and heals her allies at the same time.

Trey, Jack, Rem

Trey and Jack in Final Fantasy Type-0

Trey and Rem are another great pair, but there’s a twist that makes this party one of the most fun and useful in Final Fantasy Type-0. Trey’s powerful ranged attack and Rem’s support abilities are both great, but King is the cherry on top of this delicious trio.

Jack’s Twin Pistols are great for both long-range and close-quarters combat. This makes him a great partner who can make up for the weaknesses of his other teammates. Almost every enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0 will be a piece of cake to beat with this party.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is now out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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