10 Best Unique Equipment In Last Epoch, Ranked


In Last Epoch, players can gain a huge advantage by equipping themselves with rare items. Here is a list of the top ten.

The story of Last Epoch takes place in Eterra, a dark and mysterious world that is about to end because of a terrible event called the Void. To stop the end of the world, players must go on a dangerous journey through several eras. The unique gear that players can get and that gives their characters advantages and boosts is a key part of Last Epoch.

Unique gear from the Last Epoch has special abilities that can’t be made, and its orange name and border make it easy to spot. The Legendary Potential attribute determines how many affixes can be added to the Eternity Cache to make it Legendary gear. These things are ranked based on how useful and appealing they are.

Alchemist’s Ladle

The Alchemist’s Ladle can be used as a magic wand. It adds 10-10 fire damage to melee attacks and adds 5-5 to the base damage of spells. When you hit someone with this unique wand, there is a 31% chance that you will freeze, ignite, poison, bleed, slow, shock, or blind them. Its effects are hard to predict because it has been mixed with so many potions.

The Burning Branch wand base element is needed by any player who wants to increase spell damage and give opponents elemental status effects. Its unpredictable nature is well-liked because it has a high rate of status effects. With the Alchemist’s Ladle, players can use the power of potions in battle.

Beast King

The Beast King’s one-handed axe increases physical damage from melee attacks by +40 twice. The weapon increases the chance of a critical hit by 2% to 5% and +4%. At 1.9 meters, it speeds up melee attacks by 10%–20%.

The Beast King can increase the health of his minions by 50%–75%. Its high physical damage, critical strike bonuses, and fast attack speed make it a great weapon for a quick and deadly character.

Hammer of Lorent

Lorent’s Hammer is a two-handed blunt weapon with a range of 2.4 meters. It increases melee damage by 18-18 and the chance of being stunned by 15-25. The Hammer of Lorent increases chilling by 20% when it hits, making it a very useful weapon.

The player gains one physical damage from melee and 1% chance of being stunned by melee for every level. Folklore says that Lorent, the blacksmith who made the weapon, has died, but that the hammer still remembers him. This gives the weapon a purpose and makes the game more emotional.

Humming Bee

The Humming Bee is a one-handed blade that does 12-12 damage in close combat and has a range of 1.9 meters. 20% faster melee attacks. A melee hit gives the weapon three wards, which protect it from attacks from the enemy.

For every 250 wards a player has, the Humming Bee also increases elemental damage by 1%. It also speeds up battle by 1% for every 250 wards. The sword is great for melee fighters who are quick and want to do as much damage as possible.

Culnivar’s Claim

Culnivar’s Claim adds 35–35 physical damage to melee attacks and raises the base damage of spells by 71–110. Also, it cuts the mana cost of spells by 3–3. This one-of-a-kind weapon also comes with several spell bonuses related to lightning. It makes lightning spells do 90% more damage, makes lightning critical hits 90% more likely, and heals 10% more mana. It also has a special ability that turns all of the player’s mana into a ward when their mana is full.

The scepter is named after the last scion of Liath. It represents his desire to fight for the weak and gives players a way to face the challenges in the game. Because it has bonuses for both melee and spells, it can be used by players who like both types of play. The lightning bonuses and the ability to turn mana into words make it very useful for spellcasters who want to do a lot of damage and stay tough in battle.

Morditas’ Reach

Morditas’ Reach is a polearm that uses both hands. It gives 82–82 melee physical damage to a player’s attacks. The 3-9% chance for a critical hit with the weapon makes critical hits stronger. Attacks are safe at 3 meters.

It is a good sustain weapon because of its unique ability to turn 1% of cold damage into life. For builds that focus on strength, the weapon gives +10 strength. The player and their minions have a 500% chance of getting frostbite from the weapon, and it does 20 cold damage in melee.

Reach of the Grave

The Reach of the Grave wand is very useful for necromancers. It heals 10% and makes the minion’s spells and bows do twice as much damage. The spells and bow attacks of minions do more damage, which helps players save their resources. Leech also keeps minions healthy and active during battle, so you don’t have to summon them or wait for them to heal up.

Taste of Blood

Taste of Blood is a one-handed axe from the Last Epoch. It adds 23–23 points to melee damage and 12–20 points to bleeding. The range of the weapon is 1.9 m. It adds 20–30 damage to melee attacks and 15 life when it kills a target. It makes melee bleeding 50%–75% worse.

With this ability, players can quickly and easily kill enemies who are already hurting from bleeding. The flavor text of the weapon says that it fills the user with “bloody fervor.” This could mean that using the weapon makes the player more brutal and aggressive in battle.

The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh is a special-looking two-handed sword. It does 53-53 base physical damage and 30 physical damage from close range. The weapon has a range of 2.4m and a 17-67 critical strike multiplier when used close up. The Last Laugh is a powerful finishing weapon that kills enemies quickly when they have less than 15% health.

If the player has a dodge rating of less than 100, the weapon gives a 5% chance of a melee critical hit. This encourages players to build their characters to get the most out of it. The Last Laugh gives 5 more strengths to characters who are based on their strengths.

Torch of the Pontifex

The Pontifex’s Torch is a blunt weapon you can use with both 8 Ball Pool hands. It does 38-38 physical damage in melee, has a range of 2.4 meters, and has a higher chance to stun in melee. The damage done by fire is increased by 130% to 170% by the Torch of the Pontifex.

There is a 10% chance that a burning skeleton will appear for 10 seconds after an enemy is cremated. The Torch of the Pontifex has the power of fire and destruction, which makes it a scary weapon to use in battle.

Right now, Last Epoch is on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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