Ranking 10 Best Armor In SpellForce 3 Reforced


Players of SpellForce 3 Reforced will want to wear these pieces of armor.

The Spellforce series is known for its unique mix of real-time strategy and role-playing gameplay. To improve your stats and abilities, you need to equip different weapons, armor, and accessories. Spellforce 3 Reforced, which is a remaster of the third game in the series and came out in 2017, has one of the best uses of this system.

Along with a lot of swords, staves, rings, and amulets to find. The game has some of the best armor sets in the series. These helmets and chest pieces can make any build better and give special effects that can help even in the most difficult battles.

Armor Of The Mage: Extra Wizard Protection

Even though mages are one of the most powerful Spellforce classes. They still have low health pools and resistances out of the box. To make up for this, you’ll need a piece of armor like the Armor of the Mage. Which is an artifact chestplate you can find east of Old Haalayash near the Old Monastery.

It gives you 25 resistance to pierce, blunt, blade, and thrust, plus 15 resistance to fire, ice, black, and white. The person who wears it also gets a boost to their maximum focus. Their focus regeneration, their spell power, and their spell cooldowns. An absolute must-have for mages.

Guardians’ Grace: Resurrection At Its Finest

You can get this one-of-a-kind item by going to the three shrines for the Shadow of Barga Gor in Everlight, Leafshade, and Old Haalayash. If you turn each shrine’s pillar the right way, the boss fight with the undead skeleton will start.

Defeat Barga Gor to get Guardians’ Grace, a powerful chestplate with good pierce, blunt, blade. And thrust resistance that also increases the wearer’s bleeding-out time by ten. But its secondary effect, which automatically brings back to life your character when they die, is the real star of the show.

Impervious Protector: Debuffs Be Gone

Status effects and debuffs are a big part of combat in Spellforce. So much so that if you don’t pay attention to them, you could die. Spellforce 3: Reforced makes it easy for you to get out of trouble by giving you the Impervious Protector chest armor.

This chestplate can be found by going to all of the Mage Wars shrines. It protects the wearer from debuffs and purges and cleans all nearby allies every ten seconds. It also has 30 resistances to pierce, blunt, blade, and thrust. And ten resistances to fire, ice, black, and white, which aren’t as good.

Call Of The Forest: Luck’s On Your Side

The Morhir Mages made the powerful Call of the Forest helm before the Great Exodus. To get it, you’ll need to find its three pieces all over the world and have Isgrimm put them back together. It is said that the magic inside this helmet will give the person who wears it good luck and protect them in battle.

What does that mean in terms of how to play? Improved resistance to critical hits and status effects as well as lowered spell cooldowns and increased focus and regeneration. As if that wasn’t enough, Call of the Forest is the only helmet known to increase your character’s sight range.

Titan’s Armor of Regeneration: Healing Is Believing

The Titan’s Armor of Regeneration is one of the best armors for heavy fighters. You can find it by looting random chests, helping Clara Farlorn on The Refugee’s quest. Or buying it from Berghol the Bodacious or the Everlight blacksmith with rank 3 bartering.

Its power comes from an enchantment that slowly heals the wearer’s wounds by giving them 10 HP every second when they are not in combat. Your character’s resistance to pierce, blunt, blade, and thrust attacks gets a big boost. And their resistance to fire, ice, black, and white attacks gets a small boost.

Berserker Armor: Feed On Your Foes

The Berserker Armor is a little different from most of the other items on this list. Because it lets you get back 50 percent of your health from any damage done by an enemy attack. The benefits don’t end there, though, because this chestplate will also speed up your attacks by 30%.

When you think about how hard it was for orcs to make the armor. It’s surprising how strong its effects are. The Berserker Armor was one of the very first things to be enchanted after magic was found. To get it, you have to meet Zor’Gar at the foot of Barga Gor while carrying the skull of his brother, Rol’Gar.

Hexing Armor: I Put A Spell On You

The Hexing Armor was made by Isamo Tahar’s allies to discourage the Nortander forces from going to war. It can be found in rare chests or bought from merchants. The power of this armor comes from its curse-inducing effects. Which make anyone who tries to kill the person wearing it fall under a bad spell.

So far, any melee hit your character takes while wearing this armor will cause the attacker to bleed, be weakened, be silenced, or lose their ability to move. Very helpful for exploring the Eye’s swampy lands.

Pride Of Nortander: Legendary Armor Through The Ages

The legendary Pride of Nortander chestpiece shows that the Nortanders have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to making powerful armor. It is said to have been in every important battle in the country’s history. And it shows a time when war changed.

That wouldn’t mean much, though, if the armor wasn’t useful on the battlefield. The Pride of Nortander, luckily, isn’t weak. It has an impressive 45 resistance to pierce, blunt, blade. And thrust attacks, and it can heal itself at a rate of five health points per second.

Gift Of The Giants: A Force To Be Reckoned With

To get the Gift of the Giants, you must go to the shrine northeast of Everlight while wearing the Decorative Armor and carrying the Decorative Sword. When you do this, a chest will appear with one of the best pieces of armor in Happy Wheels game.

It was made by the blacksmith of the giants’ backs, and it has all the features of giant armor. But is small enough for humans, orcs, and elves to wear. So, its special effects are pretty simple: a small boost to focus points, a big boost to HP, and 50 resistance to damage from pierce, blunt, blade, and thrust.

Mastercrafted Windwall Armor: Isgrimm’s Pride And Joy

In Spellforce 3: Reforced, getting the Mastercrafted Windwall Armor is not easy. You have to gather a long list of rare metals. And armor pieces to help Isgrimm build the strongest dwarven armor ever thought of. The scholarly stone shaper will give you a Mastercrafted chestplate and helmet as a reward for all your hard work.

With it on, you should be able to handle any challenge that comes your way. Since it gives you 45 more resistance to all types of damage in the game. As if that wasn’t enough, the Mastercrafted Windwall Armor also gives the wearer an extra ten focus points, 50 HP, and constant health regeneration.

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