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The RH Cloud Sofa has set a benchmark in the world of luxury seating, known for its plush comfort and sleek design. However, its price tag might not be for everyone. If you’re seeking that cloud-like comfort without the hefty cost, here are the eight best inexpensive Cloud couch dupes of 2024, as recommended by designers.

Sundays Movie Night Sofa

This sofa is a dream for movie lovers. Its deep, plush cushions and spacious design echo the Cloud’s comfort at a fraction of the price. Ideal for those who love to sprawle out or cuddle up during movie marathons.

West Elm Harmony Sofa

The Harmony Sofa stands out with its clean lines and luxurious feel. It’s a perfect choice for those who seek a balance of style and comfort. The sink-in seating experience is remarkably similar to the RH Cloud Sofa.

Crate & Barrel Unwind Slipcovered Sectional

This sectional from Crate & Barrel offers a casual yet sophisticated look. It’s an excellent option for families, providing both comfort and durability. The slipcover feature adds to its practicality, making it easy to maintain.

Crate & Barrel Oceanside Wide-Arm Sofa

With its wide arms and inviting cushions, the Oceanside Sofa is a solid contender. It provides a similar aesthetic to the Cloud Sofa but at a more accessible price point.

Ikea Härlanda Sofa

Ikea’s Härlanda Sofa is a standout for budget-conscious shoppers. It offers customizable configurations and a comfortable, deep seating experience. Its removable covers are an added bonus for easy cleaning.

Crate & Barrel Ever Slipcovered Sofa by Leanne Ford

This collaboration between Crate & Barrel and Leanne Ford brings a chic and relaxed vibe. The slipcovered design not only looks great but also ensures the sofa stays looking fresh for years.

TOV Furniture Cali Peal Tweed Modular Sofa

For those who love a modern twist, this modular sofa offers versatility and style. Its tweed upholstery and plush cushions make it a great Cloud alternative.

Four Hands Grant Armless Sofa

This armless option from Four Hands is perfect for smaller spaces. It provides the comfort and style of the Cloud Sofa without overwhelming the room.

RH Cloud Sofa FAQs

Why is the RH Cloud couch so popular? Its unparalleled comfort, stylish design, and luxurious feel make the RH Cloud couch a favorite among homeowners and designers alike.

What should I look for in a less expensive version of the RH Cloud Sofa? Look for sofas with deep, plush cushions, a sturdy frame, and quality upholstery. Comfort should be your top priority, along with durability and style.

Are there any features of the RH Cloud Sofa to avoid? Avoid versions that compromise on cushion quality or frame durability. Lower-quality materials may reduce the price but also the lifespan and comfort of the sofa.

Tips for Buying a Couch Online:

  • Read reviews and look for customer photos.
  • Check the return policy and warranty.
  • Consider the size and measure your space.
  • Look into the delivery process and assembly requirements.

How long will it take to get my couch? Delivery times vary based on the retailer and your location. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months, so plan accordingly.


The perfect Cloud couch dupe is out there for you. These options provide the comfort and style of the RH Cloud Sofa but at a more accessible price point, proving you don’t have to sacrifice luxury for affordability.

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