7 Types of Curtains For Your Home Decor

Types of Curtains For Your Home Decor

When designing your home, various ornamental elements might come to your mind that can glam up your places. To enhance or beautify the look of your living spaces, the most contemporary choice is the window dressings. There are infinite styling options available for the window coverings in the super stores that can turn the whole decor of a place within no time with their glamorous visuals and incredible practicalities.Custom built curtains can transform your home look with captivating color tones and formats. You can change the vibe of the whole interior with classy fabrics and a perfect choice of colors. To give your home and business place an exciting look, you can choose different curtain styles and patterns. If you are looking for inspirational ideas to give your home a distinct and opulent look, here is a guide for you with different curtain types.

Give Your Interiors A Fascinating Look With Versatile Curtains

Hanging curtains in your home not only adds a sophisticated appeal but also gives you ultimate practicality. When purchasing curtains for your home decor, look at the surroundings and get a pair that aligns well with your home ornamentation. Here we have listed some of the renowned curtains varieties for your help. Let’s get straight with the types of curtains.

1. Single & Pair Panel Curtains

The way of hanging and curtains structure impacts the overall appearance of the place. If you want to give your place a stylish look, you can purchase pair of curtains panel. No doubt, single curtains panels can cover the entire window and give a unique look to your places but to add a more elegant and modern look to your home, you can install a pair of curtains panels.

You can shop for pair panel curtains according to the window’s style and configurations. The advantage of pair panel curtains is that it enables you to slide the curtains according to mood preference because you have room to slide them to the side. Besides you can also use the tie-backs to get the curtains to the side of the window.

2. Pencil & Pinch Pleat Curtains

Curtains of different fabrics come with unique functions and appearances. If we talk about the pencil pleat curtains, these curtains come with a charming look because of the single but thinner pleats. You can use various styles of rods, hooks, and finials with these curtains.

For the classic sheer voile net curtains, you can choose the pinch pleat curtains that are usually made from thick and heavier textile fabric. The pleats of these curtains are pinched at the top allowing the fabric to fall vertically most formally and elegantly. Usually, 2-5 finger pleats are pinched, but it depends on the width of the curtains and windows. You can install these curtains in the living, master bedrooms, and guest rooms.

3. Goblet & Box Pleat Curtains

You can choose different pleating styles for curtains as per your choice of style. One of the most widely used pleating styles for curtains is pinch box pleats with deep folds of fabric that give a tailored appearance to your room. Unlike other pleated curtains styles, these pleats go with the full length of the fabric of the curtains.

Goblet pleat curtains mimic the look of a wine glass or goblet, but the pleats over these curtains are quite delicate. Thus, it is suggested to install these curtains where they can remain in the static position. https://teriwall.com/

4. Grommet & Rod Pocket Curtains

Another option for the types of curtains for home decor is the eyelet and gourmet, which gives a well-balanced look to your places. By installing these curtains in your places, you can easily close the curtains, and these window hangings are the ideal choice to make your interiors look more appealing.

Rod pocket curtains are the traditional way of styling curtains, a more common and easy-to-assemble option for curtains. Usually, lightweight fabric is used for these curtains.

5. Tab Top & Tie Top Curtain

You probably have seen the loops over the rod of the curtains. Because of this feature, these looped curtains are renowned as tab-top curtains. You can easily thread these prominent loops over the curtains and slide them to the side when needed.

Although tie-top curtains give a distinct look, it is an uncommon choice for people. This is because various modern hanging styles are now available for the curtains. Due to its delicacy in design and style, it is ideal to use this kind of style on lightweight fabric.

6. Blackout & Energy-Efficient Curtains

To add serenity to your bedrooms and living rooms, you can shop for blackout curtain that give you a restful day and night sleep. Whether you want to install them over the full window or look for window sill curtains for smaller windows, these energy-efficient curtains can block out the outside scenery entirely along with the blockage of light and maximize privacy. Related Home Water Repair Tips

7. Apron Curtains For Home

Apron curtains are the best way to create a focal point in your living spaces because these curtains are noticeably shorter in length. For homes with pets and kids or to cover the kitchen windows, these curtain are the best option. If you have radiators and space air conditioners in your rooms, you can hang these curtains under the window.

To Wrap It All Up!

Consumers’ choice matters the most when opting for the textile, shade, and color for the curtains, but kind of curtain makes the real difference. You can choose single, pair, pencil, pinch, box, and goblet pleat curtains for a magnificent look. 

Cafe or apron curtains are the best choice to give an intriguing look to your spaces. Rod pocket, tab, and tie top are the traditional window covering choices to opt for.

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