Advantages of Using React Native for App Development: Tips and Benefits

Why React Native?

The React Native is a new technology that is receiving all the attention. Previously, the companies had to create two different apps for iOS and Android from scratch using different programming languages. With react native, you need to write code in one language that is JavaScript and port the same to other platforms allowing you to save time and cut down on cost.

The amazing benefits

Code reusability:┬áThe most important benefit of React Native App Development Services by the top-notch service provider is that you are not required to build separate mobile apps for iOS and Android. The react framework uses native components which compiles directly to the device’s own machine language. If you are considering building a mobile app, react native is a perfect choice because if you already have a web app in react framework, it can be reused to build an app for mobile as well.

More responsive UI: The react native is related to mobile user interface. As it uses JavaScript, it looks more like a JavaScript library than a framework. It does not have a library of its own and uses third party libraries. The user interfaces that are designed in react native are more responsive as it takes less loading time and provides a feeling that is smoother.

Reduces expenses and time: When you develop a cross-platform mobile app using React Native App Development Services from the top-notch company, it is cost efficient and saves time because more than half of the codes can be reused on other mobile app development platforms. This framework also allows you to fix UI bugs and help in debugging.

Cross platform compatibility: Most of the react native frameworks are cross platform which means a single component works on both iOS and Android. React native runs your application using the host platform’s JavaScript engine and you can reap the benefits of native performance, animations, and behavior without writing Java.

Animations: It is animation which plays an important role in enhancing the UI of the mobile app and almost all mobile app consists of animated components. As compared to other frameworks, react native provides extremely smooth animations as the codes are converted to native views.

Community support: Since react native is an open-source platform, the documentations related to this technology can be accessed by members of the community for free. A big advantage of using this community-driven technology is that you can get help from experts in the community and you also get recognized for writing your code. As a developer when you learn something new while working on react native, you can share your experiences with the community and get feedback.

Easy to integrate: It is a good choice when you begin to develop a new mobile application from scratch. As hybrid apps helps to enable seamless synchronization with other compatible apps, it reduces your integration issues. The device’s native applications like camera, messaging, GPS etc. work well with hybrid apps providing smooth user experience.

Tips for improved React Native application development

A few tips to improve the performance of your React Native application development are as follows.

  • Right selection of navigation library from the beginning
  • Omit unnecessary features to avoid slow display times
  • Use scrolling lists to avoid memory leakage
  • Use only necessary components to reduce the size of application for improved performance
  • Debug through Android Studio for Android and Xcode on iOS
  • Optimize React Native images at the server level rather than processing it from the client end
  • Eliminate the console.log while merging map library into the application
  • Have excellent understanding of native languages

Therefore, it would be an intelligent decision to avail React Native services as it is an evolving mobile solution and is being considered as the future of cross-platform mobile app development.

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