Age of Magic Guide for Beginners to Win More Epic Battles

The mage’s backstory is one of the most riveting parts of today’s role-playing games. Every gamer can attest to the dramatic storylines it’s a part of because of its inclusion in some battle RPGs.

Age of Magic: Turn Based Magic is a game about mages that was developed by Playkot. The game’s title implies that you’ll be entering a magical realm. In this world, mages use their individual magic to wage war on one another.

Like any good battle RPG, this one benefits from a player-friendly strategy manual. Fortunately, you stumbled upon the right article. Existing players can glean useful information that can be put to use in the game. This manual gives you more than just an overview; it also offers helpful advice. Let’s delve into the specifics, then, to clarify the situation.

Battle Gameplay Overview

If you’re looking for an RPG with dynamic battle gameplay, look no further than Age of Magic. The use of magic as a combat strategy is central to this game. With that, you can dive headfirst into mage battles amidst a backdrop of knights and dragons. 

Age Of Magic Battle

The game’s dose of fantasy is balanced with thrills and action. This is what sets this game apart from similar role-playing games on the market. That doesn’t make Age of Magic the best RPG out there. The game’s mechanics, however, spoke volumes about the enjoyable fantasy action that was on offer.

You’ll meet heroes along the way that you can enlist to fight alongside you. Kobolds, Changelings, Elves, and Druids are just some of the legendary heroes you’ll cross paths with. In the early stages of the game, your primary objective when facing them in combat is to avoid death. If you want to play the game, all you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts.

Make Proper Use of your Special Skills

In any campaign battle, this is the single most important piece of advice you will ever receive. Each hero you recruit in the game has one primary ability and two secondary abilities. Special abilities are accessible early on, but using them a second time calls for precise timing. If one of your teammates is low on health, you can use Rogar’s ability to revive them. This is a better strategy than letting him inflict damage on your entire team. 

Age Of Magic Game

In addition, you’ll be able to make use of your hero’s high-damage abilities later on if you choose to control one. If you’re facing off against tough foes, this strategy can help you unleash your full attack’s potential. Characters like Bellara can target skip a turn, which is a unique ability. If he’s part of your party, he’ll come in handy as the game winds down. As a result, you’ll be able to pick a more desirable target on which to inflict harm.

One Enemy At A Time

This is a standard rule of thumb in battle RPGs. Even a full on assault on an opponent with 10% health won’t be enough to finish them off. This is why it’s best to single out a specific foe for your attack. Doing so can help you quickly wipe them out, despite their large numbers. However, you should be reminded that there is still insanity present.

Some of your foes may have the ability to heal their allies. Knowing your relative strength and the relative strengths of your enemies can help you avoid this. With a good plan and some experience, you can wipe them out one by one relatively quickly.

Age Of Magic Gameplay

Always Equip & Train Your Heroes Well

The Heroes Menu can be accessed by clicking the corresponding icon in the top right corner of the screen. This castle-like building serves as a convenient one-stop establishment. There, you’ll work to improve your heroes’ fighting abilities.

Potions can be used to increase a hero’s level, and similar items are often looted from campaign fights and can be equipped. Your heroes’ constant growth in power requires an equal number of potions. But there are still access points to them. Silver, the game currency used to level up heroes, can be spent on potions. During campaign battles, you can earn them through combat.

If you want to keep playing the game, just make sure to follow the instructions. Furthermore, all loot obtained in campaign fights is hero-specific. Don’t worry, though; the game will provide guidance on how to use the new tools at your disposal.

How to Collect Your Heroes?

You begin the game with Roland Retro Bowl as your hero. You’ll learn he’s your group’s leader as you move into subsequent battles. As a powerful hero in his own right, you can trust in his strength. This is always the case, and it is especially true early in any campaign. Once you’ve completed the first two stages and started exploring on your own, Rogar will become available to you. This process will continue for a while as new heroes join your party. 

Age Of Magic Fighting

Additionally, if you reach the milestone levels, you will receive free heroes. At level 10, for instance, you will be rewarded with a Kabold Spearman. When you reach level 25, you will also receive an Abyss Hound, also known as Inferno. If you’d prefer a more streamlined procedure, you have that choice, too. You can skip right to the gold store where you can buy a chest. This, however, calls for actual cash. Well, even so, there are benefits you can look forward to. In addition, you have other choices besides it.

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