Postknight 2 Guide – What Every Beginner Must Know About this RPG

Postknight 2 is a role-playing adventure game that follows the original in the series. Kurechii released this intriguing role-playing game in December 2021, and like the first sequel, you play the role of a postknight whose goal is to efficiently deliver a variety of cargoes and letters to a wide range of recipients all over the world. Those of you who are new to Postknight 2 will be relieved to know that we have the ideal guide to assist you in getting started!

Even if you think your mission is simple, getting the cargo where it needs to go won’t be easy. Here, your mettle will be put to the test as you face off against a variety of monsters and creatures. In addition, you need to defeat these monsters to reach the owner’s destination and complete your delivery. And this manual will show you step by step how to accomplish that.

Postknight 2 Guide – The Gameplay

Starting out as a trainee Postknight, your mission in Postknight 2 is to deliver various packages all over the fantasy continent of Prism. It won’t be easy to complete your delivery mission due to the various obstacles you’ll face. You’ll need some serious firepower if you want any chance of survival against the game’s monsters.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to make new friends and face new challenges. In addition, you can have a discussion with your pals and talk about whatever is on your mind. After delivering the letters to your pals, you’ll unlock treasure chests that may contain valuable items such as crystal gems, coins, fur, bronze, and more!

In Postknight 2 and Geometry Dash Subzero, you get to give your character a unique name and appearance right from the get-go. You have complete creative control over how your character looks and acts. The fact that you can pick your own birthday makes this game even more intriguing. To that end, feel free to include your date of birth.

Withstand Your Enemies With Your Skills

Your job is similar to that of a postman in that you must get mail to the correct address. Postknight 2 presents a difficult journey with many obstacles and foes standing in your way. You can use your three primary abilities—attacking, recovering, and defending—to achieve victory. Keep in mind that you can modify these abilities by using different types of weapons.

Your character can sometimes be seen juggling a sword and shield. You can also use hammers and daggers interchangeably. Mastering the counterattack, charge, and unstoppable charge will serve you well in a variety of situations involving your enemies. If your character starts to lose health, select the potion option.

Postknight 2 Enemies

Boosting Your Weapons

The enemies will get tougher as the game goes on, so you’ll want to strengthen your arsenal. It will help to improve your skill book in addition to your arsenal. However, it is not simple to improve your arsenal and knowledge base. When looking to improve your weapons, you have several options and can consult with Blacksmith Tina for advice.

With the help of the side menu, accessible after each successful delivery, you can quickly and easily determine what you’re missing. Upgrading your shield and sword is highly recommended if you want to survive more enemies and make more headway in Postknight 2. In addition, go for the bonus points.

Postknight 2 Shield

Distributing Your Points

You must understand your character’s Agility, Strength, Vitality, and Intelligence as part of the Postknight 2 Guide. Agility refers to both your character’s dodging ability and its critical hit rate. Your sword’s damage comes from your Strength stat, while your health is managed by your Vitality stat.

Finally, Intelligence I emphasizes safeguarding your knight’s experience points and health. To maximize your Postknight’s potential, you should invest points where you feel they will have the greatest impact.

Postknight 2 Attributes

Opt for Bonus Rewards

As a Postknight, you’ll be able to collect different sets as you progress through the various quests. The Fury Set, the Adventurer Set, the Raider Set, the Elastic Set, and many others are available. In addition to these sets, there are a variety of other items to find that will prove useful later on. Typical rewards for completing a quest include gold coins, useful equipment, and even more. 

Postknight 2 Rewards

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