All You Need to Know About Dental Crowns: Types, Procedure, Cost, and Maintenance

dental crown

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire visible portion of a tooth, from the chewing surface to the gum line.

Dentists commonly use dental crowns to restore damaged or decayed teeth, improving their shape, size, and strength. Dental crowns can also enhance the appearance of a tooth, covering any discoloration or misshapenness.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about dental crowns, including the different types of dental crowns, the procedure for getting a dental crown, the cost of dental crowns, and how to care for your dental crown.

Types of Dental Crowns:

There are several types of dental crowns, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The most common types of dental crowns include:

  1. Ceramic Crowns: Porcelain or ceramic materials make ceramic crowns a popular choice for front teeth since they can match the color of your natural teeth.
  2. Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM) Crowns: Dentists use a metal base with a porcelain layer on top to make PFM crowns, which are stronger than ceramic crowns and are a popular choice for back teeth.
  3. Gold Crowns: A gold alloy makes gold crowns strong and durable, making them a popular choice for back teeth due to their longevity and strength.
  4. Zirconia Crowns: A type of ceramic that is very strong and durable makes zirconia crowns. Dentists often use them for back teeth, and they can match the color of your natural teeth.

Procedure for Getting a Dental Crown:

Getting a dental crown typically involves two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing any decay or damage and shaping the tooth to fit the crown.

The dentist or dental technician will take an impression of the tooth, and then they will use it to create the dental crown.

The dentist places a temporary crown over the prepared tooth to protect it while waiting for the dental crown to be created. The patient returns to the dentist for the second visit, where the dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the permanent crown onto the tooth once it’s ready.

The cost of dental crowns can vary depending on several factors, including the type of crown, the location of the tooth, and the dentist’s fees. On average, dental crowns can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,500 per tooth. Some insurance plans may cover the cost of dental crowns, so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Caring for Your Dental Crown:

Proper care and maintenance of your dental crown can help it last for many years. Here are some tips for caring for your dental crown:

  1. Brush and floss regularly: Brush and floss your teeth regularly to prevent decay and gum disease.
  2. Avoid chewing hard foods: Avoid chewing on hard foods or objects, such as ice or hard candy, which can damage your dental crown.
  3. Wear a mouthguard: If you play sports or grind your teeth at night, wear a mouthguard to protect your dental crown.
  4. Visit your dentist regularly: Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings to ensure the health of your dental crown and overall oral health.

After analyzing the data provided by Signature Smiles, it is clear that dental crowns are an essential aspect of maintaining and improving oral health.

Whether it’s to restore a damaged tooth, improve the appearance of teeth, or prevent further decay, dental crowns offer a versatile solution that can benefit many patients.

Whether you’re looking to repair a cracked tooth, strengthen a weakened tooth, or improve the aesthetics of your smile, dental crowns can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.

From porcelain to ceramic to metal, there are a variety of materials available to ensure a seamless match with your natural teeth.

Signature Smiles‘ commitment to providing top-quality dental care and personalized treatment options makes them an excellent choice for those seeking dental crown services.

With their experienced team of professionals and state-of-the-art technology, patients can rest assured that their dental crown treatment will be both effective and comfortable.

If you’re considering dental crowns, look no further than Signature Smiles.

With their expertise and dedication to patient satisfaction, they are sure to provide you with a beautiful, healthy smile that will last for years to come. Contact them today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a brighter, more confident you.

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