Benefits of OneCard Credit Card over Bank Debit Cards

OneCard Credit Card

Almost everyone with a bank account has a debit card for ATM and online transactions. But not everyone has a credit card. Credit cards help you to make easy and convenient payments without any hassle. You can make purchases now and pay for them later. Not only this, but they also help you to build a credit history.

The best credit card app helps you to have full control of your card, allowing you to block/unblock and control the POS transactions as well. One of the popular and preferred credit cards is the OneCard, a premium metal credit card with no joining or annual fees. Despite being a credit card, it has a lot of features that make it stand out from traditional bank debit cards. This article will explore the features of OneCard.

Features of OneCard

Exciting offers, rewards, and discounts

There is no doubt that almost all credit cards offer reward points and cashback. But OneCard credit card trumps other cards as it provides rewards on each transaction that do not have an expiration date and can be redeemed as and when you want. Not only this, but they also offer 5x rewards on the top two categories of your spending. With exciting offers on different merchants, OneCard offers you the best of all worlds.

Build your credit history

If you are someone who is new to credit, then OneCard will be your best companion. By opening an FD, OneCard allows you to get a credit card and use the same to build your credit history. You earn 6.5%* interest per annum on your FD. Your FD amount is your 100% spending limit.

Enjoy financial freedom

If you aim to enjoy financial independence, you can achieve this with OneCard credit cards. A credit card helps you to plan and track your finances, and it enables you to limit unnecessary expenses. With OneCard’s best credit card app, you get a detailed analysis of your spending per month that can help you better manage your finances in the future.

Tap-In-App Auth Feature

OneCard secures your information with its Tap-In-App Auth feature. Whenever you make a transaction that is different from your usual, you will get a notification from the OneCard app, and all you need to do is go tap-tap to confirm that it is ‘you’ making the transaction. Once you authenticate such a transaction with a tap in-app, it will not be declined by us for the next 15 mins. This is something that conventional debit cards do not offer.

No hidden or additional charges

When you sign up with OneCard, you do not have to pay a joining fee. Not only this, there are no hidden or annual charges, unlike debit cards. You get a lifetime free credit card that helps you to experience financial freedom.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the OneCard community and start enjoying the perks of being a member. With a wide range of partners and merchants, you can earn rewards and discounts on everything from groceries to travel, dining, and entertainment.

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